Kylie Jenner got a Backlash for a Plastic Surgery Body after ideo Ad ; Do she have fake Body Curves ?

Kylie Jenner

Kylie launched new products of Kylie Skin last week alongside her sexy video marketing ads for Kylie Skin Drop 2 products. In that add she wore nothing inside a mesh coverup. After watching that ads , many admire her curves while other tagged her “Fake Kuylie Jenner”.

She had to delete her Instagram post after receiving major backlash about her plastic surgery body

One person revealed, “Her body used to be as straight as a pencil and she had no curves whatsoever and now look. I wish I was rich smh.”

While another one added, “Ladies no need to be on your way to the gym because this body is bought and paid.”

Kylie took a notice of that comments and posted a video of her with Stassie Baby-her new best friend. Both wore the same outfit in different shades, they are showcasing their identical body shapes. Both are showing their butts while climbing stairs.

However, that video added fuel to fire and people started talking about Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgery body.

In response to her video, one person wrote on social media, “When is she going to admit her entire body is filled with silicone.”

According to, “Kylie’s figure is the perfect hourglass shape. But that tiny waist is considerably smaller than her breasts and butt, which is why everyone believes she’s had some kind of cosmetic surgery to enhance her derriere. But then again, her figure is a pretty close carbon copy of her big sister Kim Kardashian’s, so you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just the genes.”

Kylie got lip fillers but she denied that fact when people asked about it. However, she  later revealed that she got lip filler treatment.

This 21-year-old reality star has money which she can use just to perfect her look. She is a part of Kardashian-Jenner Clan who are used to change their body shapes with plastic surgery. It won’t be surprise for us if Kylie follow her elder sister Kim Kardashian.

Now she is denying that her curvy body is not from a plastic surgery , but people think that history would repeat itself and she would admit this fact later.


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