Is Selena Gomez Coming Back to Social Media?

selena gomez

Selena Gomez deactivated her Twitter and Instagram account and left her fans sad. She took a break from those account because she thought that social media is putting negative influence on her life. Recently, she appeared back in limelight with PUMA new collection promotion so there is a possibility that she would come back again on social media.

Whether a celebrity admit it or not, social media are the best ways to connect with friends and to promote the things. They have negative impacts and one likes to get away from it after sometime. But at the same time, one can’t deny its positive influence and lucrative benefits. Same might be happening in case of our cute 26-year-old singer.

When Will Selena Come Back to Instagram?

Rumor suggest that Selena will activate her account just before the launch of her new music album. She already confirmed that she is done with her new songs in an interview. So, it is quite possible that she promotes it through her social accounts.

Selena had been going through depression for which she got a treatment. She felt under stress after her breakup with Justin Bieber who got married to Hailey Baldwin last year.

She threw a bachelor party for her cousin at beach where se spent quality time with her family and friends. She also promoted Puma summer collection. It looks like that she has learned to combat depression and proof of this fight can be seen from her recent activities. She is back as brand promoter for PUMA and Coach. She soon get involved with other brands.

Now the question is how fans would like to welcome back their favorite singer?


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