Kendall Jenner’s Fans are Concern About her Skinny legs and advise her to Eat Burgers


Splash news shared a picture of Kendall Jenner; in this photo, she is walking with her dog in Los Angeles, California. That picture became the hot topic among the fans who are surprised to see very slim chicken legs of Jenner. They shared their thoughts about her skinny figure on Splash news posts.
Fans show their concern about the health and figure of Keeping up with the Kardashian star. Many say that this supermodel is little too thin and she has to change her diet. Even eating fast food would help her get some skin around her slender legs.

“Holy crap I didn’t realize she was that skinny,” It was the top comment on a splash news post, almost 88 users upvoted it as they seem to agree with the statement.
“She is too skinny, don’t look good,” a fan replied.
“What looking perfect?? Her body needs some serious meat in it,” A fan commented while challenging Splash news caption in away.
“She needs to eat a burger,” one fan stated.
“Omg her legs are like chicken legs,” another fan tried to point the attention of people toward very slim legs of the model.
People who look at the photo was worried about the tiny waist and thin legs of the models. They even assume that she has some eating disorder, while this assumption is wrong. The model has no eating disorder, but she has a giant appetite.
She confessed to E! News that she eats more food than two meals a day. Even Pizza and pasta are two regular food items in her daily meal list. I know you might feel surprised; I had the same feeling when I come to know about this.
Now the question is why she has such a slim body proportion? Well, she is not the only one with a slim body and beautiful curves. Her sister Kylie is known for the hour-glass body shape with a tiny waist and slender back. Her half-sisters were also popularly known for their ideal figures.


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