Justin is Trying to speak with Selena Gomez , Time to know Why?

selena gomez

According to recent reports, Justin is trying his hard to speak with Selena. Now you might be wondering what he wants to talk about and what his intentions are. I have got some answers for you. Check this out.

Fans think that the reason behind this speaking attempt is nothing but to share his side of story with Selena about Taylor-Braun Feud.

Taylor is a close friend of Selena who surely don’t like the way Justin defended his manager and protected his reputation. It is also possible that he wants to talk about his cheating – a hint of which Taylor provided in her Tumblr posts.

Fans got surprised when they got the news that Justin Cheated on Selena. Now he got married to Hailey but badly want to contact with Selena even after having a relationship. Fans are wondering why he is doing all this , what is left after that cheating scandal. May be he wants Selena to listen his side of story.

It is also possible that he is making those attempts to clear his position after Taylor and Scooter Braun Scandal. Justin and Taylor got involved into heated argument when Taylor wrote a post where she wrote that Justin Bieber’s Manager Scooter Braun bullied her and tried to destroy her career. Justin commented that Taylor was trying to win sympathy through these words.

Fans of Taylor Swift accused Justin for lying only to protect his manager.

Taylor didn’t respond to bad comments of Justin but she liked a tumblr post which claim that Justin Cheated Selena. Through this way, she somehow confirmed the rumors that Justin was unfaithful toward Selena Gomez and he was the reason of their breakup.




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