An Eldery Man Died in Thailand while Watching Annabella Comes Home

Annabelle Season 3

Oh God ! this is such a bad and sad news which we don’t expect at all. According to recent reports, a 77-year-old British national was in Thailand for vacation bought a ticket of Annabelle Comes Home and he died while watching this horrific movie.

Everyone in the theater was enjoying the movie and they didn’t know about the death of that person until show ended. A girl sitting next to her noticed him when lights turned on . She was so shocked to see him, she immediately called for emergency help. Help arrived and doctor declared him dead on scene. His body was transferred to hospital just to inquire about the real cause of death.  Rumors suggest that person died due to heart-attack because he didn’t enjoy the scary moments of the movie.

However, it is just a speculation. There could be another cause of his death. He was an old person and it might be his time to rest in peace. The audience was very busy in watching movie, so no one noticed his sudden death.

It is not the first time that someone died while watching a horror movie. In 2016, a 65-year-old man from Andrah Pardesh , India died because of heart stroke when he was watching Conjuring 2. He passed away while watching the late show of the horror thriller.

At this point, we don’t know why that 77-year-old man died in theater on Annabella Comes home show. But let just suppose he died of a heart attack as well. If it is the case then we can say that elder people shouldn’t watch Horror thriller films in Cinemas because their heart might not handle the scare a movie brings on a big screen. When you watch a movie on a small screen or laptop then you don’t experience the same

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