Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Posed as the first Models of Drew House


Drew House is Justin Bieber’s fashion label. He shared some pictures of Hailey where she is wearing products from these brands such as a T-shirt and socks. It looks like Justin doesn’t have to look around for fashion models of his brand as both husband-wife are posing as the first models of Drew house. (viagra)

Hailey Baldwin posted a picture of Justin Bieber on his birthday just to celebrate the special day. They also told their fans what nick-names they picked for each other. Many times, we saw them wearing similar sporty-outfits.

Justin’s Drew house collection comprises of sports athleisure. We spotted many times that couple wearing t-shirt, short or other products from this athletic creation.

Justin shared a picture of Hailey where she posed for Drew House in head-to-toe style. She wore Justin’s brand, hoodie. The caption of this picture was “#Mydrew.”

If Justin is promoting her, how Hailey could take a step back, she also posted a picture of him. Even she tried various drew house collection items and shared pictures on Instagram.

The 25-year-old singer shared his own picture where he showed off Drew house brand head-to-toe. He was sitting on a table. He picked a loose violet tee and matching shorts which have signature Drew House Smiley on it.

Both wore the Drew House socks which look great with its smiley print.

If you ask us who was posing as the best models, then we will pick Hailey, no offense but she posed as a better model than her husband. What do you say?


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