Jinn-Netflix’s first Arabic original series Sparked Controversy in Jordan

jinn netflix arabic tv series

Jinn show broadcast might halt in Jordan . The top prosecutor is demanding from cybercrime department to ban the broadcasting this first Netflix Arabic original series in Jordan because this show contains some “Immoral scenes.”

According to Jordan’s prosecutors, this series is presenting an immoral image of the kingdom. Jinn started a controversy in this middle eastern country.

Jinn is a supernatural drama about teenagers. This drama was shot in Jordan. In the series, characters come face to face with good and evil genies while they are enjoying a school trip in Petra.

This five-episode tv show is debuted worldwide, and after its release, Jordianians  started expressing their anger and issues with the show on twitter. They are demanding showrunner to censor some immoral content of the show.

Two main scenes of the show spark this uproar in Jordan. Salma Milhis – a female character kisses a boy from her class. This kiss-scene is regarded as “Immoral image” in the latest Twitter posts.

Jordan’s Top Prosecutor made a demand to cybercrimes Department at the Ministry of Interior to take “immediate necessary measures to stop the broadcast” of the series because it includes “immoral scenes.”

A user said on Social media that Jinn was an “obscene” drama that sought to “distort the conservative Jordanian society.”

Another added the series would have a “dangerous effect” because it “negatively affects adolescents who are attracted to follow” the show.

Rashid Dahabreh, a Jordanian University graduate, tweeted about the “double standards” of Jordanian society because they attacked a female character while many male actors are doing the same kiss scene and no one is saying anything about it.  .

“Salma Milhis who plays the role of Mira in the show is being subjected to insults about her honour, but no one is going after the male actor … this is an extension of the Middle Eastern mentality, that a man is allowed to be a sexual being, but a woman is stigmatised as a prostitute under the same lens … double standard society”.

Another user claim that Jordanians are a hypocrite as they want to ban Jinn for just a few kiss scenes while they were so enthusiastic toward the last season of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones last month. They were waiting for the show which has thousands of such immoral scenes.

“They object to the Jinn show because it is against their morals. As if last month they weren’t all glued to their screens watching Game of Thrones,”.

“Someone explains to me why it’s OK for Game of Thrones to have pornographic scenes and the Arabs are so happy with the show, but [Jinn] that has a kissing scene has outraged the entire nation?” Another asked.

An attempt of pulling the show from Jordanian Netflix was made by cybercrime unit.

Jordan’s Media Commission made a statement about the show that it could censor the series and films that were broadcast on television or theaters. They couldn’t censor content from Netflix.

Netflix Middle East denounced the controversy on Twitter as a “wave of bullying.”

In a statement on Friday, the streaming service said the show deals with “universal themes” that “can be viewed as provocative.” A spokesman said content removals were rare but that Netflix complied with official requests.

Now we will have to see whether Jinn survived in Jordanian conservative community or Netflix will have to  censor the show.


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