IT Chapter 2: Trailer and Revealed Footage of the thriller Movie

It Chapter 2

An American supernatural horror film is on the way and near to release., yes we are talking about IT: Chapter 2. it is an anticipated movie that first time released in 2017. Now again it is coming, let’s talk about the release date, trailer and new footage of the film. The movie got positive reviews in 2017, and I guess no one was who dislike it. So Andres is coming with more story.

Plot of IT: Chapter 2

First talk about the storyline. The film will follow the Losers Club and would show 27 years later in 2016. They get the news about an evil person who killed the children and called IT killing Children. Therefore, they return to Derry when they get this news.

Release date

Release time of the fil has set. This thriller movie will grace the cinema on 6th September 2019.

Revealed Footage

Recently footage was revealed at CinemaCon where only those people could see who attended the event. Therefore, it is not available for everyday people.  Well, the clip is considering the very horrifying side of the IT: Chapter 2.

We saw in the first chapter, Beverly goes back in her childhood town where she was lived. Well, here he spent a bad past. She met an old woman named Mrs. Kersh, and this lady gives the warning.

Furthermore, she tells to Beverly about her father’s death, but exciting things start horrifying when she knows nobody dies here who is dead. Well, fans were waiting desperately, and the wait is over.

Trailer of the IT: Chapter 2

The theatrical trailer released of the film, here you can watch it. Now, everyone is more curious to know about it. But, the wait is must till 6 September. Thirty-four million viewers watched the trailer in a week.


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