Benji the Dog ,Unreleased Song by Late Mac Miller Hit the web

Mac Miller's

Mac Miller was an American singer, rapper, and record producer. He died last year at the age of 26, the cause of death was a drug overdose. Before his death, he was working on an album. Recently, the song “Benji The Dog” leaked on the web.

This song was unreleased, and it seems that the team is working to produce a posthumous body of work from Mac. This song leak brings hope back in the fans who thought that no other song from Mac Miller would come back. It is possible that soon they can find a full album of tracks on which Mac Miller was working at the time of his death.

Mac Miller was born on 19 January 1992 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He started his career in the city’s hip hop scene in 2007 when he was only 15 years old. He signed a record deal with Rostrum Records and brought them breakthrough tracks with mixtapes K.I.D.S. (2010) and Best Day Ever (2011).

His debut studio album “Blue Slide Park” hit number one position in U.S. Billboard 200 in 2011.  Later he Left Rostrum and signed with Warner. Bros record in 2014. He released three studio albums for the studio one of them is Swimming (2018) which won Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

Fans believe that Benji was recorded one year before the death of Mac Miller. It means that the sample was added later. The latest leak track is just like Mac’s later catalog where he demonstrated his addictions and mother’s problems. The beat of the song is sampled from Valerie Simpson’s 1972 soul song “Benjie. Fans enjoyed the recent leak lyrics.

They want to get the full album from Mac Miller. Do you want to hear a posthumous album from Mac Miller?


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