How to remember more and forget less while preparing for the board exam

preparing for board exam

The board exams are very important and it has to be taken seriously and all efforts have to be made to prepare all the subjects with the full understanding of the basics concepts and fundamentals. Let’s see how to remember more and forget less while preparing for the board exam.

Class 10 Board exam has a total of five subjects. These are Hindi, English, Social Science, Mathematics, and Science. The chapters in all these subjects are huge and one has to be well organized to score high on the boards.

NCERT solutions have all the subjects which are precisely given according to the chapters which will be useful for the students and help them to be well prepared.

Now the question arises how to remember what you studied and also it has to be in your mind and cannot afford to forget.

Tips for students to remember the subjects easily

The first step is to start the study preparation of the board from day one. The last moment study will not help you to remember anything but just creates confusion.

Checking the syllabus 

Students can start the preparation only when they know what has to be studied and how much time to devote to each subject or chapter. This can be done only when they properly know the syllabus and the contents of each subject. Once they are familiar it is easy to start accordingly.

Subject wise preparation

Every subject is important in its way. Each subject has its way to be studied and to be remembered. You cannot adopt the same strategy for all the subjects. You can prepare and remember well only when you know your strong and weak points in a particular subject. Knowing this will help you to study conveniently.


Class 10 Mathematics includes Geometry, Trigonometry, and the concept of numbers. This needs to be practiced.

The formulas are very important and consume quite a lot of time. But it’s not easy that one can learn in a day. The best way to remember them is to note all the important questions, formulas and read them every day once or twice. This will help you to remember and you will not forget as you are going through them every day.

You can refer to NCERT books for all the formulas and the concepts given in perfect order. You can also practise the problems and the practice test papers given in the NCERT solutions.

Mathematics can be easy only when it is practised regularly. Students should make sure it is done every day.

Social Science

Social science is interesting and sometimes could be boring also. Make it interesting by reading once without the obligations of making notes. Read as you would be reading a novel or a storybook.

Then you can prioritize the chapters according to which the time has to be devoted for each section.

Make a note of important dates which have to be remembered. Use flashcards and highlight the dates or the important events. All the answers would be quite long. It is not a correct method to memorize and write. Try to understand and fill in with your sentences. This way you can remember for a long time.


All three subjects are to be focussed systematically.

Physics has to be learned with logical thinking and understanding the concepts of the chapter. The problems have to be practised every day and formulas have to be noted down and read every day.

Chemistry is easy and can be scored if prepared methodically. Learning the equations and the chemical formulas can be easier with everyday practice and learning. This can be done by learning and writing a few equations and formulas every day. Reviewing the previous day’s learning should be practised. This way there is no possibility of forgetting.

Biology has lots of diagrams and terminologies. Read the chapters and practise the diagrams neatly and learn to label all the parts whenever you are practising. Make a note of all the terminologies and revise every day.


English has prose, Poems, and grammar. The chapters have to be read and understood with the correct concepts and the story based on. Make a note of difficult words and sentences.

Once you have understood the chapters, answer the questions in the exercises and try to answer as per your understanding and frame the sentences. You can compare the answers with the NCERT solutions to know how you can do it in a much better way.

Grammar is just like mathematics. You can be clear with grammar concepts through practice. Following all the rules and regulations will make your grammar perfect.

Passage and essay writing or letter writing are to be practised with proper content. Understand the usage of the grammatical topics so you can know how and when they can be used.


The method of studying is the same as English. Reading and writing should be given importance. You can do well in languages only when you can write answers in a grammatically correct manner.

This needs proper writing skills. This can be achieved only by practice. When you read the chapters, note down the words with which you are not familiar and check the meaning so you can use the words while answering the questions.

Refer to NCERT solutions to know the format of answering the questions which are easy to understand. Once you can frame the sentences in your way. It is easy to remember.

Hindi Grammar

The grammar topics have some rules to be followed. Understanding the method will be easier to remember and write well in the exam. Practise is the best and the only solution to get a proper grip of the subject.

Certain topics have to be read every day to remember for a long time. Following this method, there is no possibility of forgetting.

These are the subject wise tips to study and to remember.

To follow these regularly some tips have to be followed.

Study plan

The study plan has to be structured keeping in mind the subject which has to be studied every day like maths and some science subject. You must be thinking if maths and science are studied every day what about the other subjects?

You are right. To remember some formulas and the complex terminologies of Maths and Science you have to study every day. It does not mean to devote complete time to these subjects only. You can divide the science and maths for a few hours as you are studying every day. Other subjects can be divided daily for a little longer duration.

Study Area and Study Time

The study area has to be allotted and also the time which you want to make as your study schedule should be maintained every day. Keep the place well organized with only required materials.

Taking a break

Preparing for the board exam involves lots of time and dedication. Studying for long hours continuously will be boring and you might lose interest. This can be made easier when you take breaks in between the studies. You can also take a day off any day one or twice so you will be full of energy the next day.


Keep away from all distractions. Switch off your mobile phones while studying.

Solving the sample question papers

Once you complete the syllabus you can try to solve the sample papers to get an idea of the questions and know your speed to complete the paper in the given time.


All have different ways to study and understand. Following these tips in an organized manner will surely help you to remember things while preparing for the board exam. The best way to remember is to write and practise. Referring to NCERT solutions and practising the important questions one can be well organized and prepare for the board.


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