How To Create Awesome Videos For Social Media

Create Videos For Social Media

What is the trend of 2021 on Social Media? Videos. Everywhere that I go is full of videos of different contents. It varies from simple things like cooking to rocket science, such as making a homemade rocket. Videos help convey ideas really easily. That’s why a lot of people have chosen to post videos on Social Media when they want to interact with others. But, are you wondering how to make a good video on Social Media? It’s easy but not easy. Therefore, today I’m here to show some basic steps to get started. Oftentimes, when people hear about making a video, they become nervous. It’s because they’re afraid of standing in front of the camera. Yet, there are plenty of ways to make a video without putting yourself on the screen. If you want to learn about making videos, make sure you go check out our online video maker at There is a lot waiting for you on the site. You can learn and have a lot of fun at the same time. Without any further ado, let’s show you how to create good-looking videos for Social Media.

The Beginner’s Steps

As a beginner, it’s obvious that you don’t know where to start. Of course, you can learn by diving headfirst into an online video maker. But, there are so many of them and filtering is difficult. Starting out in an area, it’s hard to say if something is right or wrong. But, I can help you with that. If you strictly follow these given steps, you will reach your goal soon.

Step 1: Decide What Type Of Video You Want To Make 

As a content creator myself, I have to know what my strength is. My biggest advantage is making videos about food reviews. I did a lot of research on how to make a good food review video. Over the years, I have taught myself how to make my videos unique. Yet, it took a long time to figure that out. As a beginner, you don’t have to rush right into standing out among the crowd. It’s best to learn from an experienced video creator in advance. Gradually, you begin to get a hang of what you do. From there, you can flexibly cook up everything that you know into something new. Hence, you can also expand your content to other categories. Furthermore, you can add realistic AI voices to your video by using an online voice generator tool.

But make sure you stay on only one focus on Social Media. People only remember you as a person who makes videos about a specific thing, not everything. If you tend to focus on too many subjects, you will likely fail your audience. 

Evaluate your strength based on what you like or what you’re good at. If you’re a student studying computer programming, make videos sharing your experience in this field. This gives you a solid background for your content. It also makes you feel more comfortable doing what you like. Have you come up with what you want to do now? If yes, write it down right now!

Step 2: List Out What Contents You Want To Share 

Envisioning what content you want to make gives you clues on what to practice beforehand. For instance, you want to make a video explaining computer engineering. You have to know what camera angles used to make an explanation video. Also, doing this helps you be aware of what to cover in a topic. Having poor preparation can lead to a lack of focus. Therefore, narrow down your idea on a piece of paper and strictly follow it. 

There are millions of YouTubers around the world doing explanation videos. You can always learn from them when you have time. You can apply what they use in their video. For example, camera angles, general editing, video structures, etc. Also, you don’t have to worry about copying from anyone. You’re just there to learn some general knowledge about making videos for Social Media. And that is for everyone to learn. So, make sure you always put a bit into your pocket before leaving. 

Step 3: Learn Tricks With Your Camera

Learning how to place your camera is another crucial factor. For a beginner, it’s best to practice your craft before putting it on Social Media. This is one of the hardest steps of all. Patience is the number one criteria that determine whether you can stick to making videos or not. 

Making a video can get from placing your camera at one spot to performing advanced camera movements. If you are into making travel videos, you cannot miss this. The more you can show to the crowd, the more viewers you draw to your channel. 

Step 4: Choose a Video Maker As Your Main Tool For Editing

Either you’re a beginner or an experienced editor, an editing tool offers tremendous support. Unlike other professional tools, Promo’s editor is a lot easier to use. The features are more user-friendly. So, using an online video maker for your video helps save up tons of time. An app like Promo gives you clear instructions on how to get started. Don’t be too nervous if you haven’t used anything like this before. 

Parting Words On Online Video Maker

It might take a while to master an online video maker. Make sure to pump your patience up to the highest because you will need it. 

If you’re still not sure what you’re missing, visit our website at for more useful information. 



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