3 Workplace Trends for 2021

3 Workplace Trends

The last two years have been a turbulent time for workplaces. COVID-19 brought a final end to the commute that millions of workers took into the office every day. Let’s see 3 workplace trends for 2021. 

Executives are now facing the reality of a new look, or “new normal” work environment. Business models will need to be re-engineered. The latter half of 2021 will define what the future workplace will look like.

Hybrid Workplace

Working from home (WFH) has generally been popular during the pandemic. It has ended the hours lost to commuting and allows employees to spend more valuable time with their families. 

A Forbes poll backs this up. It was determined that 85% of workers would like the option to work from home at least a few days a week once the pandemic is over and the world resumes some resemblance of normality. 

Coronavirus has changed employees’ expectations. They will no longer tolerate businesses who demand they travel to the office every day and want more reassurance that their health and wellbeing will be safeguarded.

But just because something is popular, doesn’t mean it is good for business. Microsoft’s Executive Vice President Kurt DelBene revealed the impact working from home has had on their efficiency. He writes that the tech giant found that even the best WFH practices cannot match a well-designed space in terms of collaboration and productivity.

From these competing needs, a compromise between employee and employer has been reached: hybrid workplaces. These workplaces allow employees to work from home, but they expect teams and individuals to show initiative by coming into the office when it makes sense to do so. With hybrid workplaces, businesses can access all the benefits of a physician workspace, without sacrificing employee wellbeing. 

Creating a Virtual Company Culture

WFH has led to a decline in office culture and has driven employees further apart from them. Company culture can energise employees and your business cannot be successful without it. It is so important that 94% of executives believe company culture gives them an advantage.

Maintaining company culture virtually is all about communication. Speaking to your employees about the core values of your business will refine your culture and make employees aware of what all their hard work is for. By talking to employees about values and goals, you can also get their input.

Microsoft Modern Workplace

As is detailed by Kurt DelBenem, Microsoft has been highly successful in adapting their workplace. They have listened to the demands of workers whilst maintaining a Covid-safe workplace. 

With Azure and Office 365, the tech firm has developed the concept of a Microsoft Modern Workplace which helps other businesses operate seamlessly in a work environment split between home, office and, quite frankly, wherever employees choose to work.

Modern Workplace is a collection of video interviews with Microsoft’s corporate customers. In these interviews, the customers detail how they have used Microsoft’s services and platforms to adjust their workplace. 

You can use them for inspiration and reshape your workspace. You will also get a feel for how you can optimise your Microsoft platforms to integrate new business models in these times of great upheaval. 

Revolutionizing Your Workplace

Employees and customers have new expectations of how a workplace should function. People are also looking for companies that accommodate their ideals; more freedom to work where, when, and how they want. 

Failure to offer these expectations will make working with your business a jarring experience – and younger generations are not shy about jumping ship to a company that does satisfy their demands. 

Fortunately, IT technology makes new trends easy to adapt to. By communicating with your employees about their needs, and what they want from your company culture, you can successfully move your business into the post-Covid age seamlessly.


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