Hit the Right Spot with Targeted SEO

targeted search engine optimisation

We all know how effective targeted search engine optimisation (SEO) can be with the right digital marketing agency in control, and rather than adopting an ‘across the board’ approach, a good agency would take a detailed look at the client’s business, in order to ascertain the most effective SEO strategies. Targeted SEO produces results, and regardless of your chosen industry, there are ways to boost your online profile and drive traffic to your website.

Localised Businesses

Let’s take a satellite TV hardware provider, who would operate within a certain geographical area, and any advertising outside of that is basically a waste of time and money. Targeted search engine optimisation (SEO) is aimed at those who live within the specified radius, therefore reaching the people you can service, and if roi is important to you, talk to a leading SEO provider who works with local businesses, such as the Australian company King Kong, digital marketing experts with a very impressive client list. Facebook marketing offers tremendous potential for small businesses, and this is something to discuss with a leading SEO agency, who would have an in-house team of social media marketing specialists.

Identifying your Target Groups

This is the key to effective SEO campaigns, rather than investing in an ‘across the board’, you target the kind of people more likely to be interest in your products or services, and once they have been identified, the next step is to find out where they spend their time when online, and this data is used to formulate a digital marketing campaign. The targeted search engine optimisation (SEO) agency can help you to identify groups that are in the market for your services, and that means your exposure will be targeted to the right people, which maximises your sales opportunities.  Here is an article if you are interested in learning more strategies on improving target audience. 

Optimising your Website for Google

Let’s face it, Google is the most popular search engine on the planet, with millions of users searching for products and services on a daily basis, and if your platform is not optimised, then your site will not be in the rankings when keyword searches are made. While search engine optimising takes a little time, within a few weeks, you would notice a surge in site visits, as more and more potential customers discover your website, hopefully bookmarking for regular visits. Specific keywords need to be added to your website, which really helps Google to recognise your platform, and this is just one strategy that is used to improve a website’s rankings with Google search. Another popular way to drive traffic is the building of links, both inbound and outbound, indeed, link-building is one of the most popular SEO services that companies use today. But beware, while it is true that link building has a lot of benefits, this practice is not as easy as it may seem. The Co-founder of Searcharoo, Karl Hudson, advises to plan your strategies and reach out to a professional marketing team that helps you research your competitors, analyse what’s going on in your niche, and set the best way to move forward.

Start with a Free Online Audit

When you make an enquiry, the SEO agency would carry out a free online audit of your business, which enables them to compile an aggressive digital marketing plan, which, once approved by you, will achieve the desired results, transforming your business. Here is some further reading on digital marketing, provided by the Australian government.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by approaching an SEO agency, and with their expertise, you will soon be enjoying steady growth and can look forward to a rosy future.


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