Hearing loss: what should every American know?


The ability to hear is a unique trait given to us by nature. We enjoy the palette of sounds, communicate in society, and learn, develop and build a career thanks to our ability to hear and perceive the world around us. But not everyone appreciates it. As a result, comes the frustrating diagnosis of hearing loss. Does hearing loss affect the quality of life? How do I recognize a problem before it is too late? What can I do to get my hearing back? Let’s take a look at these important questions for every American.

How to notice hearing loss in time?

If you notice hearing loss at an early stage and seek help in time, treatment will be quick and effective. You’ll soon be able to enjoy the wonderful sounds of nature and the voices of your loved ones again. And vice versa. If you come to the audiologist’s office late, you risk prolonging the treatment.

Time is of the essence in restoring hearing. It’s important to notice the problem in time. Unfortunately, not all Americans can do it. After all, the problem of poor hearing loss awareness has not gone away.

The first symptoms of hearing loss

Hearing loss usually develops slowly over several years. The symptomatology and hearing loss depends on different factors. They vary from person to person. Some patients complain of sudden hearing loss within the first year. Others live with mild hearing loss for several years without noticing the problem. Nevertheless, some common symptoms indicate the problem. It is easier for outsiders to recognize a hearing loss because every person with hearing loss gets used to the new conditions. What symptoms indicate the presence of the problem? These are:

  • Increasing the volume of electronic devices (smartphones, TV, etc.)
  • Frequent questioning during a conversation
  • Raising the voice during a conversation
  • Rapid fatigue at work
  • Pressure in ears
  • Irritability
  • The gradual isolation of a person from society

If you notice these symptoms, don’t waste time. Better take a hearing test to get an accurate diagnosis!

Try the online hearing test

The online hearing test is a great way to check your hearing health. Its benefits:

  • Simplicity
  • Painlessness
  • Availability
  • Effectiveness

You need a device with Internet access and headphones to test your hearing. The results will tell you whether or not you have a problem.

Hearing tests at an audiology clinic

Audiologists recommend checking your hearing at least once a year. If you work in a noisy environment, reduce the period to six months. This is also true for those Americans who don’t complain of hearing problems and don’t have any symptoms. Preventive diagnosis helps to see mild hearing loss when it is still easy to restore hearing. A medical examination is quick and painless. For example, pure tone audiometry is very effective.

How does hearing loss affect our lives?

Hearing problems are spreading rapidly around the world. According to the WHO, millions of people already have hearing problems. The number of people affected is increasing rapidly every year. Despite the measures taken, hearing care has not been able to reverse this trend. What is the reason for such a sad trend?

The main cause of hearing loss in most people is age-related. As we age, some changes in our hearing organs affect our ability to hear. More specifically, we hear because of hair cells. They are located in the inner ear. If you damage them, they won’t work effectively. As a person gets older, the number of damaged hair cells increases. That’s why they start to hear worse.

The modern way of life in large cities negatively affects hearing organs. First of all, it is noise exposure. Loud music with headphones, public transport, and some professions damage the hair cells. Bad habits, constant stress, and ENT disorders only aggravate the situation. Thus, people gradually lose their hearing.

Why is a hearing loss so unpleasant for a person? It greatly affects the quality of life, reducing it. It causes new difficulties in the performance of everyday tasks. In addition, the person gets new impairments, such as dizziness, disorientation, and depression. 

These are all adult problems. What about children and adolescents? To those listed above, we must add developmental problems. Yes, healthy hearing is important for development and learning. Children and adolescents with untreated hearing loss are developmentally delayed compared to their healthy peers!

As you can see, hearing loss is a serious threat. It changes a person’s life for the worse!

What to do with hearing loss?

Many Americans with hearing loss don’t rush to see an audiologist. They think they’ll be able to find and buy hearing aids on their own with the help of the Internet. Others believe that the hearing loss will go away on its own, like a cold. Unfortunately, they are all wrong.

Hearing loss is a serious disorder, and it only gets worse over time. You’ll feel worse over time. The only true solution is not to waste time and seek help. An audiologist will make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the treatment. The most common treatment is wearing hearing aids every day.

Hearing aids are compact medical devices. They restore the ability to hear again. You’ll have to wear them all the time to communicate with people and function normally in society. There are no other options. The hearing won’t come back naturally. Choosing a hearing aid is a complex and responsible process.

You don’t have to worry about it. Hearing care professionals can help you figure it all out. A professional will choose the best model, considering the degree of hearing loss, the structure of your hearing organs, and your wishes. All you have to do is choose and buy medical devices.

The next step is fitting and adaptation. Now you can wear your hearing aids all day long. It may seem uncomfortable to some people. After all, you are dependent on electronic devices. But on the other side of the scale is your hearing. With hearing aids, you’ll hear and understand everything and everyone perfectly in any situation. Enjoy a life filled with the sounds of nature and the voices of your loved ones!


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