Eco Friendly Packaging Ink To Implement in 2023


Innovative technologies continue to improve packaging options for businesses both large and small. Advancements in the areas of design, durability, affordability and sustainability all help companies meet the demands of their customers. Better capabilities for ink usage show much promise heading into 2023. This will enable custom food packaging companies to better showcase products while reducing their overall impact on the environment.

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Using Algae Based Ink

For many companies, ink, the final stage of the packaging design process, remains an afterthought. Most of the emphasis on inks goes toward how well the product looks on the shelf or on the computer screen, but the sustainability of the packaging also depends in part upon the use of green inks. Since most inks depend upon petroleum products, they can have a detrimental impact on many aspects of the planet. Now, algae-based inks can carry the same vibrancy on packaging without the release of volatile organic compounds into the air.

The benefits of this approach are numerous. Companies still achieve the design elements that attract customers, but they also reap additional rewards:

  • Fewer hazardous chemicals in waste products
  • Better options for recyclables
  • Increased social responsibility
  • Enhanced opportunities to connect with customers

Whether companies utilize customized stand up pouches, lay flat pouches or rollstock, they can implement these planet-friendly inks in 2023. The versatility of these inks allows for all the design enhancements that make flexible packaging so attractive. These features include high vapor barriers, a choice of finish options, tear notches, transparent or clouded windows and spot embellishments. 

Sustainable packaging covers many different aspects and digital printing technologies continue to lead the way. These advances serve companies, customers and the planet. They use less energy, produce less waste and have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional printing. Now, the very inks on the final design highlight the sustainability effort. Learn more about DaklaPack US and their range of custom printed stand up pouches.

Water Based Ink

Getting away from petroleum-based inks allows for design options that are safe and non-toxic. Most water-based inks are 100 percent free of reactive chemistries that send hazardous components into the air. They also enhance packaging design by opening up more areas for printing on the package. Furthermore, they allow for expanded recycling opportunities once the customer has consumed the food product.

Another area of sustainability comes in the form of resealable pouches. Customers love them because they reduce waste, allowing them to return to the offering knowing that the freshness is locked in. A reseal closure prevents oxygen and moisture from seeping in, keeping the item fresh much longer. Since food waste remains one of the largest contributors to global warming, this is no small matter.

Companies can also utilize the full space of a pouch, highlighting a narrative that makes the company unique. It also makes sense to talk about sustainability actions, such as using the most eco-friendly inks, in an effort to continue the conversation about conservation.

Quality flexible packaging can help food companies succeed in the competitive world of food sales. Better choices in inks and other features can also reduce environmental impacts.


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