Gigi Hadid’s Dodi Papase ARS Basic School in Ghana is Going to Complete This month

gigi hadid school

Gigi Hadid is a role model for our society.She believes in paying back to society. Today, she announced that Dodi Papase ARS Basic School work in Ghana is going to complete in 2019. She wants to offer quality education to everyone.

Dodi Papase ARS Basic School is made possible by our cute model. She started this project in September 2018 by joining hand with worldwide PoP team. It was not just that team which worked on this project. There are some people in the Ghana who helped Gigi and her team to turn this idea into a reality.

In this school, there will be new classrooms and six safe bathrooms for the kids. The main purpose behind constructing this school is to make sure that every kid in Ghana received quality education.

Gigi Wrote,

“It is such a great honor and privilege to be given the ability to do this @pencilsofpromise ??✏️ Thank YOU, the worldwide PoP team and especially the teams on the ground in Ghana actually making this school a reality! These Digital Impact Reports make my week. Currently under construction is a new six-classroom block. These classrooms will keep students protected from the rain and alleviate overcrowding issues. In addition to the new classrooms, we are also constructing six new safe and private bathrooms to keep kids healthy and in school. The project had experienced delays due to weather conditions and a delay in receiving materials, however PoP’s construction team has been working with the Dodi Papase community to ensure the school will be completed next month and I can’t wait to visit !!!!!!! ?????? To learn more about this Dodi Papase ARS Basic School or more about PoP’s work in Ghana, check out the link in my Story xx Every Child deserves quality education !!!!!!!”

New face of Wonderlust Perfume is a model with kind heart who knows how to pay back in society and work for the betterment of kids. She doesn’t highlight her social work just like other models but she is helping people around.

As soon as Gigi made this announcement on instagram, her fans commented with heart emoji. The post is liked by more than 55725 people.

One fan wrote , “and this is why you are a queen and a role model”

Don’t forget to send her your best wishes on her instagram account.

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