Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 8: “Smurf is missing” here is all details about it.

Animal Kingdom Season 4

Episode eight of the Animal Kingdom season 4 is coming next week. The things will be different in the upcoming episode. Maybe Smurf will be missing, and that would be the right opportunity for J to be the team leader. The code family prepared for the next gig.

Animal Kingdom season 4, episode 8 titled “Ambo” in the upcoming event, Cody is up for the next job, and Smurg is nowhere to be found.

Now the all eyes are on J as he takes on the leadership position. That will be a significant breakthrough as a team leader.

The upcoming event will be an excellent opportunity for J to show leadership skills. He will be the main character of his family attended. Moreover, resources and contacts are resources that make everything possible.

It is expecting that all casts will ruin everything because they were trying to execute with one wrong move. Therefore, stars must be careful about that.

Well on other hands of the season 4 episode 8, Dean is trying to convince Drian to come back home and live with him again. However, it comes with full of risks and advantages.
But POp does not know Adrian talking to police.

The relationship with Angela looks closer than ever. If Angela tries to rob the family, then maybe this episode also shows that. So let’s see how they will find Smurf.

The eight episodes of Animal Kingdom season 4 will release on 16 July 2010 at TNT. So don’t forget to watch.


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