Fox Canceled The Passage and Cool kids

The passage season 2 canceled

Bad news for the fans of The Passage comes today that Fox has canceled this tv show. It means there won’t be another season of this series. Fox already canceled “The Gifted” and “Rel.” Another comedy-drama which won’t bring another season is the comedy series “The Cool kids.”

The Passage is a sci-fi series based on Justin Cronin’s trilogy of novels. This supernatural drama brought vampires into a scientific lab, and this was indeed a new concept. The show revolved around Amy- a young girl who is selected as the subject by the scientist for mysterious Project Noah. She is injected with a virus to find a cure for all disease. This virus already turned 11 topics into a vampire-like creatures “Virals.”

The Passage Season 1 only had ten episodes. Brad Wolgast works for scientists of Project Noah. He arranged the subject for the scientific projects. Amy lost her single parent, and he kidnapped her because scientists are considering to test the virus on a kid.

Brad job is to deliver Amy to the scientist, but he develops a strong bond with a run. He tries to run away from the project managers, but they find her, and he has to get Amy to the lab. The scientists are not bad; they care about Amy as well.

They injected her with a virus, but this time they fail because Amy also turned into a Viral. However, she is more potent than other virals that she can sense them and stop them through her voice echoed.

I’m not happy that Fox has canceled The Passage, especially when this project has a proper scope and storylines. I was expecting its season 2 next year.

The passage is not the only tv shows you have to say a good-bye. Another drama is The Cool Kids- this American comedy-drama was good, but it was not the best one. Charlie Day is the executive producer while the cast includes David Alan Grier, Leslie Jordan, Vicki Lawrence, and Martin Mull as four friends.

It is a story of four friends who are living together in a retirement community. They have to face challenges of life after they have left their job, but they decided to make the most from the retirement moments.

Though it has sharp punch lines, yet this comedy series has no future from Fox perspective. So, there won’t be the second season of The Cool Kids.

Fox has ordered some new season for six tv series such as Empire, 9-1-1, The Resident, Family Guy, Last Man Standing, Bob’s Burgers, and The Simpsons. The new season will release on Fox sometime in 2019-2020.



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