Fantastic Beasts 3: Rumor suggests Johnny Depp is not a Part of Cast

Fantastic Beasts 3

Fans have enjoyed two amazing installments of Fantastic Beasts. J.K Rowling and Warner Bros. are not putting a full stop to this fun as they have confirmed that Fantastic Beast 3 will let the fans enjoy another adventurous trip to Hogwarts. Fantastic Beast 3 is officially confirmed but what is still not confirmed is the cast of upcoming series.

Fantastic Beasts 3 is the third installment of Harry’s Potters Fantasy world. If you didn’t watch the first two fantasy movies then you are simply something mind-blowing. This third installment will appear on cinema on 12 November 2021.

Even the production of the movie has yet to start in 2020. It means you have to wait almost a year to watch the next installment. Fans are excited to know that there would be another Hogwart discovery trip.

Rumors are circulating on the web that Johnny Depp might not be a part of the upcoming movie. Fans are not happy about this news. They want him to return as Grindlewald in Fantastic Beast 3.

When magazines asked Johny Depp about any confirmation on this rumor then he stayed silent.

It is reported by some sources that Warner Bros didn’t approach Johnny for the exercise of his previous contract of the third installment of the movie. He signed a contract for the five of the J.K Rowling’s fantasy movies.

These rumors of removing Johnny Depp from the cast of the movie are based on his conflict with Amber Heard.

At this point, Johnny Depp got support from J.K Rowling but many executives want to drop his from the cast of the movie.

Rowling wrote,

However, the agreements that have been put in place to protect the privacy of two people, both of whom have expressed a desire to get on with their lives, must be respected.

She also cleared that they don’t want to remove Johnny Depp from the cast and it would be immense pleasure to have him back in the upcoming fantastic beast movie.

Normally, Warner Bros. signs up the whole cast in one go for the movie. It is possible that rumors of dropping Johnny Depp from the cast are not true but again there is a possibility that you miss him in the upcoming movie.

So, what you say? Do you want Johnny Depp to return in Fantastic Beast 3 or not?


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