FIFA 20: Players want some Features in improvements


Are you excited about FIFA 20? FIFA 20 is coming in September this year. Fans are desperately waiting for Volta mode in the new game.

However, players want an optimized and user-friendly game. Therefore FIFA 20 is coming with street volta mode. Besides, there will be some significant improvements in the game.

According to players, the irritating thing in EA Sports FIFA is the referee blown the whistle suddenly.

Mostly this thing happened when you are on the counter-attack and near to your goal. And at that time you hear the whistle to halt the game, and you feel devastated with this move.

So all the fans think it will be removed from it.

Many glitches are connected with the EA servers. Many times connection lost and players lose their valuable points in the game.

However, many times, no points less whether a player is winning by a far margin, therefore, there is a need to fixed in FIFA 20.

What could improve in Career Mode?

  1. Players want to improvements in career mode. They are demanding the introduction of the latest transfer.  Moreover, ceremonies are not a part of FIFA and want Award ceremonies such as FIFA best player, etc.

2. The second missing feature is a press conference in the FIFA franchise. This feature should be introduced in the FIFA next edition.

3. There is a need to improve cross-platform functionality, which is crucial in FIFA. Many factors could better in FIFA experience.

4. Everyone wants a quick match and always late for matchmaking. Therefore, with the cross-platform matchmaking process, players can find competitors easily.

Well, there is a right level of competition but based on ranks and seasons division.  SO we hope that FIFA will fix all these problems in the next generation and build a higher competition among players,


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