Marvel Avangers: Features and Limitation of the game

Marvel Avangers

Marvel Avengers will extend the gaming universe of Marvel next year. There are many things in the game that fans are missing. However, some unique features will change the shape of the Marvel gaming universe.


  1. Marvel Avengers will come with big improvements in terms of microtransactions.  Players can buy skins and other elements of favorite superheroes.
  2. Marvel Avengers will provide the feature of offline play. Players were able to play without being online. However, some features would disable in offline mode.

Well there are also some limitations

  1. In Marvel Avengers, HawkEye will miss, and it could be a big mistake of the developers. HawkEye is a vital character in the Avengers plot; therefore, fans are disappointed.
  2. The characters of the game are not licensed. Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey, Natasha Romanoff, Mark Ruffalo will miss in the game. This is such a disappointing thing for the game. It could impact on the popularity of the game.

There I no need to clarify the plot. Captain America will be no more in the game. The Story will be full of twists and turns after omission  Captain America Death and Hawkeye.

Well, now we ‘re not sure about the massive success based on gameplay. However Avengers brand could save it from being a disaster. So wait and watch what happens in the game.


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