Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw’s Recent clip prove that “Action is the heart of the film”

Hobbs & Shaw

Universal Pictures has released almost 5 clips of upcoming movie Fast and Furious: Hobbs& Shaw. After watching that clips of first spin-off of fast and furious franchise, you got convinced that action is the heart of the movie.

All the stunts you watch in those clips of behind-the-scenes and some shots of upcoming movie are super amazing. The credit of those stunts goes to director David Leitch.

In new footage of movie, you get a chance to meet newcomer Idris Elba who is playing the role of a cyber-genetically enhanced villain, Brixton. Two sarcastic characters which are going to be your favorite too next month are Hobbs and Shaw.  Dawyne Johnson is turning into lawnman Lube Hobbs while Jason Statham will control reign of Deckard Shaw.

David Leitch is the director of this spin-off and he has extensive experience of fight and stunt choreography. All those stunts which you watch in those clips are directed by him. The cast of the movie said that they trust David and it is a good thing.

In a clip, you can see that Hobbs and Shaws appear with their usual sarcastic conversation in an expensive car while Brixton is chasing them on his motorcycle.  Shaw explains that he killed their enemry by putting a bullet in his heat but it doesn’t stick there. When they both hit the intersection, we saw the  famous move from the first movie of Fast and Furious where Shaw easily drive the car underneath a semi truck.

On the other hand, Brixton climbs off his moving motorcycle. Bike flatten itself and keeps him with it while it is narrowing weaving beneath two trucks. Once free , chase begins as usual. This is a kind of stunt and action upon which you don’t put all your faith. But this is a usual Fast and Furious move.

David said,. “Its hard for me not to get in front and do some physical line reads.”

Fast and Furious: Hobbs &Shaw is going to release on 2nd August and it is going to be very lucrative deal for the franchise. Although there is no box-office speculation and projections about the movie but from the recent clips we can say that cast won’t be slowing down in the movie and same will happen to profit figure of the movie.

As Johnson said.

“The action is the heart of the movie and David Leach is one of the best in Hollywood.”

So, you can expect tons of actions and stunts in the movie. I also suggest you to book your tickets a week before the release of movie because Cinema is going to be super-packed on 2nd August.


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