Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Followers are Mean , They Don’t Miss a Chance to Post Negative comments

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner has 141 million followers on Instagram and not everyone is a good person out there. She got tons of good remarks whenever she shares some picture of herself on social media. On flip side, many mean people share negative comments on her picture. And, these comments spread faster than positive ones. Same happened last week when people started accusing Keeping up with Kardashian star of plastic surgery.

Mother of one-year-old model is currently having fun time with her besties in Turks and Caicos. Being the queen of the Kylie Skin, she shared aspiring photos of her time to time. Mostly, she posted bikini and swimsuit photos which are super revealing.

Recently, when she shared a photo in which her booty is looking a bit heavier than usual then mean people started posting negative comments. Many fans are hating her and accusing her of getting plastic surgery on her butt.

One fan wrote , “Wow ! Can’t get any faker than this!”

Another stated, “What in the name of helium late is going on here?

One more mean comment is, “When you attach a fridge to your butt.”

Another one which I really don’t like is, “Is there anything real on her”

The 21-year-old makeup mogul is not only the target of these mean comments, her followers also talked badly about her BFF Stassie Karanikolaous. They say that she has “wonky thigh”.

Even Sofia Richie pissed off when a fan accused of her editing the pictures and her figure. She responded back.

At this point, I must give reference of Selena Gomez who took break from social media because she was worried about negative influence of media on her life. She took some comments seriously and can’t beat Instagram trolls.

Fact is no one can win with such trolls , so instead of taking them seriously or responding to them, one must post what he likes to post. It is the best way to deal with mean people. What do you think?