Doctor Strange 2: Which Villain Will Strange Face? Release Date & Plot Details!

Doctor Strange 2: Which Villain Will Strange Face? Time Jump & Plot

Doctor Strange 2

The third part phase of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) will explore the most anticipating releases like Avengers: Endgame, and Spiderman: Far From Home. And these may be the standing alone movie of Hollywood cinema industry. However, Doctor Strange 2 is also one of them. As the movie is coming suddenly after the Avengers: Endgame so fans are predicting Doctor Strange 2 after that.

Doctor Strange 2: Who Will Be The Villain?

Although, there are too many people who want to see the Doctor Strange dead. Therefore, this sequel will include several villains and distinct storylines. However, there are many choices to be the villains in Doctor Strange 2. Some of them are as below.


Well, in the first season the Doctor Strange has to fight against Kaecilius to stop him from carrying Dormammu along with Mordo to the globe. But when he came to know that someone using black magic from long then he became more worried and upset completely. When Doctor Strange defeating the Kaecilius then Mordo left him because he recognized the truth of his mentor about Doctor Strange.

This will suggest the Mordo come back again as the villain in Doctor Strange 2.


According to the mood of director, Nightmare will be the more appropriate villain for Doctor Strange 2. He said that he likes more the character and concept of Nightmare as a villain because it will have a very distinct direction in the show.

Brother VooDoo and Clea

According to some statement, the Doctor Strange 2 may have selected the both Jericho Drumm/Brother Voodoo and Clea as Villain for the show. If it will so then the Doctor Strange 2 would be a debut movie for two in MCU. Both the movies will have the same characters to mischief Doctor Strange.

Furthermore, Kaecilius killed Daniel in the first sequel when he was defending the New York temple. And he was he the brother of Drumm. Therefore, he might also have the chances to return back again in sequel 2.

Rachel McAdams Will Be Back

With the leading role of Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Wong, some new faces may also appear in this new sequel. However, according to the industry news, Rachel McAdams may also join the cast for his love as Christine Palmer.

Doctor Strange 2 Release Date

However, the MCU has been released its schedule for the upcoming three years. Therefore, the sequel will release in 2020. And it will release at the start of May or November in 2020.

Have a look of the previous sequel of Doctor Strange as the new trailer has not been released. When it will release I will show you at the same platform.


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