Borderlands 3: What are Different Features of New Installment from Borderland 2?

Borderlands 3

The third installment of the first shooter game Borderlands is coming. Borderlands 3 will release on 13 September 2019. Gearbox Software revealed a live stream of Borderlands 3 on Twitch earlier this month. We’ll tell the fans here, what is different in the third installment as compare to Borderlands 2.

Guns Galore

One of the best and excited things of Borderlands 3 is gun count. There are billions of variants found. Moreover, many guns will be available with alternative firing modes such as pistol that could able to shoot off rockets and people. Additionally, there are many new effect weapons thrown on the ground and make walking turrets.

Sliding and Vaulting

In Borderlands 3, players will climb up boxes or vault up buildings. There are many sliding and vaulting advantages. Players can make opponents much quicker and agile. Well, these changes will provide a much better environment to players where they interact easily with the situation. There will be lighting fuel and electrocuting water puddles in the environment.

Vault Hunter Selection

Well, there are no new vault hunters yet. Four players have unique skill tree and playing style. However, we still know only two characters abilities: One is Zane who focuses on speed and firepower, the second one is Amara the Siren who expert at dishing out elemental effects.

Here look at the trailer of Borderlands 3. Moreover, we also update you about purchasing the store from where you can get at fewer prices. Just stay tuned here.



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