Disney’s “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” Set for Live-Action Adaptation


After 18 years, Atlantians Set to Back on Screens with the Live-Action Adaptation of 2001 Animation “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” 

Disney’s animated sci-fi adventure film, Atlantis: The Lost Empire released in 2001.

The sci-fi adventure follows the storyline based on the crisis of Atlantians that lead the great city of Atlantis to drown, and settle down under the water.

Moreover, the film revolves around Milo named linguist and cartographer who along with a crew, embarks his journey to find out the lost empire of Atlantis.

Consequently, Milo after facing a hell of hurdles succeeds in finding out the lost empire of Atlantis. However, consequences lead Milo to fall in love with the Atlantian princess and rescue Atlantis from the crisis.

Now, after 18 years, makers have decided to revive the sparkling memories of our childhood.

So, let me break the big bang news that Atlantis: The Lost Empire has been set for its live-action adaption. 

Surely, the live-action adaptation of Atlantis will be top-notch. Remarkably, it will bring us to the live-action presentation of Atlantis, its nemesis, disappearance, and glory’s remark.

However, we all aware of the aquatic civilization called Atlantis, and its residents, the humanoid creatures possessing superpowers, Atlantians, as one of our favorite DC characters and superheroes, Aquaman is none other than an Atlantian.

Definitely, the live-action remake is far enough to mesmerize the Atlantian fans.

As per the news, the Live-action adaption film of Atlantians: The Lost Empire is under production. 

Hopefully, we will soon get the news about the release of the most-awaited and worth-watching film of the century. Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Know more about the cast and characters of the live-action remake of Atlantis: The Lost Empire below:

Tom Holland to Play Milo in Atlantis: The Lost Empire’s Live-Action Remake


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