Riddick 4 Movie Name revealed by Vin Diesel, official news about script

Riddick 4

The fourth installment of Riddick has confirmed and going to happen near future. David Twohy’s 2000 film called pitch Black introduced an action star Vin Diesel who also played the iconic role of the monster killer in Richard B. Riddick 2004. The Chronicles of Riddick is the most recent released in 2013.

The talk about the film started in 2004, but universal was busy in making another film at that time. Well, I know you are thinking about where this news revealed. Vin Diesel announced this news by himself in an Instagram video.

Besides, he also told that he received a script by Twohy. The film name is Riddick 4: Furia. He said it is so exciting how everyone would like it.

Diesel showed the script on camera. The script features a quote that provides us some insight into the film. So there is a time to do real beasts.

That’s very first news received by the franchise in November 2015. At that time Twohy was showing his intentions of writing the fourth film and also made plans for a spinoff series.

However, the television show received some moments and Diesel propelled it in late 2016. Well, whatever the cast, fans are so excited about Riddick 4.

Well, there is no more any leaked news about it however just stay tuned with us we ‘ll update you soon.


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