Designated Survivor Season 4: Release date, Cast, and Story line of this political drama

Designated Survivor Season 4

As all, you know one of the famous ABC and Netflix political dram Designated Survivor and its season 3 was a blast. Season 3 has left many cliffhangers with the finale, and now fans really want another season. So let’s talk about all the details of Designated Survivor season 4.

Well, Netflix is not made any renewal announcement of the drama. But fans are not hopeless because it remains at the top of the UK streaming list. It got positive reviews and a big hit overseas.

Therefore, we are expecting the renewal could announce anytime and season 4 may come in 2020.

As we saw in season 3, Tom goes all dirty politician. Finale was ended here, and we expect more of his internal moral conflict in the upcoming season.

So the big question is, will Tom be an honest president of the people? Another question mark is what we will see his poll-driven decision making things? The second question will the biggest one for the characters and the show.

Moreover, in the fourth season, Isabel will decide to do in the wake of her pregnancy. In the end, Aaron and Isabel broke up, and matters get more complicated. So it will also clear that still they will do work together or not.

As you know the season three was started with the talk about AIDS, transgender people, mugging, immigration, etc. Therefore we hope that season 4 will keep work on it.

Fans want to see Kiefer Sutherland again in season 4. moreover, we hope that other cast stars such as Adan Canto, Anthony Edwards, Elena Tovar will also return for season 4. Besides, we also want to see Leo.

However, Emily could leave the White House due to the dirty politics of Kirkman. Meanwhile, Lorraine can head towards the jail, and Maggie Q would not return in season four because she was dead in season 3.


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