The Farewell Just 2 Days Ahead, Know All About Cast, Plot and Release

The Farewell

The American Dramedy “The Farewell” Set to Release on 12 July 2019!

“The Farewell” is a Comedy-Drama film. It follows the story of a Chinese-American lady, Billi. The film perfectly depicted the idea that cultural differences always comes in the way of bi-ethnic people.

In the film, viewers will witness that Billi set to return to her hometown China on hearing the news of her grandmother’s illness. Moreover, Billi seems to have some clashes with her parents. Apart from these appearances, a shocking truth will be revealed, consequently. And the shocking revelation will lead Billi to encounter the matriarchal disease, she is also suffering from.

However, the film will follow a basic storyline portraying the perfect illustration of bi-cultural and bi-ethnic people in a humorist way. 

The Drama Comedy mixture will hype the intensity of film and viewers as well.

The Farewell is scheduled to release on 12 July 2019 In United States of America.

This film will surely revive and intensify hidden traces of your inner happiness. So, don’t forget to watch The Farewell on 12 July.

Main Cast and Characters

  • Awkwafina (as Billi)
  • Tzi Ma (as Haiyan, Billi’s father)
  • Diana Lin (as Jian, Billi’s mother)
  • Zhao Shuzhen (as Nai Nai, Billi’s grandmother)
  • Lu Hong (as Little Nai Nai)
  • Jiang Yongo (as Haibin, Haiyan’s elder brother)
  • Chen Han (as Hao Hao, Haibin’s son)
  • Aoi Mizuhara (as Aiko, Hao Hao’s girlfriend)
  • Chen Hanwei
  • Li Xiang


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