Chumlee Net Worth, Early Life, And Career

Chumlee Net Worth

You might be a fan of the popular television star Chumlee. With his enchanting charm and style, he has made a successful career as a star. Throughout his career, he has accumulated plenty of wealth. Today, we will discuss Chumlee net worth, lifestyle, and career.

Key Point of Chumlee Net Worth

Full Name Austin Lee Russell
Nickname Chumlee
Net Worth $5 million
Annual Revenue $3 million
Salary $25 Thousand
Date of Birth September 8, 1982
Age 41 Years
Place of Birth Henderson
Profession TV Personality, Entrepreneur
Marital Status Married
Spouse Olivia

Who is Chumlee?

Austin Russel, recognized as Chumlee, is a self-made star who appeared in several TV shows and interviews. He is one of the richest TV personalities in America. Beyond his outward appearance, Chumlee is also recognized as a successful entrepreneur.

This celebrity emerged into the limelight through a hit show named ”Pawn Stars.” Beyond the show, he has shared his experience and highlighted several topics, including business, career, and other endeavours.

Chumlee Net Worth

Throughout the entire show, he engaged the audience with his cheerfulness. Moreover, Chumlee’s laid-back personality made him more popular and brought him good fortune.

Chumlee Net Worth and Salary

According to the celebrity net worth, Chumlee net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of 2024. He has established a successful career and enriched his portfolio with numerous noteworthy projects.

Per our research, his annual revenue is $3 million, and he takes $25 thousand per episode. He has long worked in a TV series and earned a massive fandom. Beyond that, he owns several sources to earn money and lead a lavish lifestyle.

The Growth of Chumlee Net Worth

2024 $5 million
2023 $5 million
2022 $4 million
2021 $3 million
2022 $2 million
2020 $1 million

Early Life of Chumlee

The maiden name of Chumlee is Austin Lee Russell, and he was born in Henderson, Nevada, on September 8, 1982. At the beginning of his career, he faced personal and economic challenges, which he overcame confidently and handled every difficult situation smartly. He adopted the nickname ‘Chumlee’ from a cartoon character ”Chumley” on ”Tennessee Tuxedo.”

Chumlee has a brother and sister named ”Sage” and ”Tara.” This popular personality has faced numerous challenges, including legal issues, throughout his journey. Though the beginning of his journey was not fabulous, he showcased his capability and engaged in multiple ventures.

Career and Massive Success

At the beginning of his career, Chumlee worked part-time in a shop named ”Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. When he was 21, he joined the shop and worked hard to maintain his livelihood. In addition, he faced several financial problems and challenges when he started his journey. Later, he ventured into his Television career and achieved much appreciation.

”Pawn Shop” featured in a comedy show named ”Insomniac with Dave Attell.” Pawn Shop came into the limelight and got the public attention through this show. After this successful show, Rick Harrison broadcasted a complete series of his show, which debuted in 2019.

Austin RusselChumlee gave his five years to this shop and later started his venture. Chumlee became more popular for his amazing sense of humour and radiant personality. Because of his amazing presentation and mesmerising appearance, The Pawn shop show became one of the most popular shows on the History Channel.

Business Ventures

As we said earlier, Chumlee has emerged in multiple business ventures, enhancing his fiscal worth. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he has established his name in the American Business industry. Though he hasn’t received any awards, he earned massive fame through his business ventures.

Chumlee Net Worth

Chumlee became a co-partner with Las Vegas Candy’s Store named ”Chumlee’s Candy on the Blvd.” He started this venture in 2011 in which his brother stage helped him greatly. This store is near the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

Beyond that, Chumlee launched his clothing line named ”Chumlee’s”. In addition, Chumlee wrote his name as an author by writing a book ”Chumlee’s History of the World According to Chumlee.” He also owns a jewellery brand named ”Chumlee’sJewellery.” Austin Russell sells jewellery through a website and garners a substantial amount from this business venture.

Personal Life of Chumlee

Austin Chumlee has a passion for vintage-style pinball machines. He is also a dedicated shoe lover, as Chumlee has 200 pairs of shoes in his collection. In addition, Chumlee is a music enthusiast, and he loves rap and rock music.

Beyond that, he has several cars in his collection, including a Range Rover, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Impala SS, and Cadillac. Throughout his career, he has bought several houses worth millions of dollars.


Austin RusselChumlee dated his friend ”Olivia” for a long time. According to our research, the couple engaged in 2018 and married in 2019. Olivia is not a renowned personality, and Chumlee never disclosed his personal life or relationship publicly.

Legal Concerns

According to our research, Chumlee was accused of sexual harassment, which the authority executant investigated in his house in 2016. Beyond that, he was charged with other allegations and taken into custody. In addition, he was charged with 20 counts for his bad doing with weapons and drugs.

Later, he was proven guilty and faced serious trouble with his career. As per a deal, he had to go through counseling to overcome this mental trauma.

FAQ about Chumlee Net Worth

What is the net worth of Austin Chumlee?

The net worth of Austin Chumlee is $5 million as of 2024.

Who is the founder of ”Pawn Enterprise”?

The founder of Pawn enterprise was Richard ”Old Man” Harrison.

What is Austin Russell Famous for?

Austin Russel is famous for the most popular hit show ”Pawn Stars” which brought him into the spotlight.

How old is Austin RusselChumlee?

As of 2024, Austin Russel’sChumlee’s current age is 41.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Austin RusselChumlee is a testimony of determination and dedication. Chumlee has become a successful businessman with his hard work and accumulated a lucrative net worth. He set an example of a positive mindset, effort, and willpower.

Though he struggled a lot in his lifetime, he never gave up and continued his journey full of confidence. From this content, we can teach how to pursue our dreams and make a successful career.


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