Wayne Newton Net Worth, Early Life, And Career

Wayne Newton Net Worth

For most people, Wayne Newton is the best entertainer in Las Vegas. His entertaining skills and charisma helped him grow as a television personality. Besides, in his entire career, he could earn a huge income. All these facts can make us think, What is Wayne Newton net worth?

This famous singer and entertainer owns $50 million. This includes his annual income, monthly income, assets, investments, house, cars, private jet, and bank statements.

Who Is Wayne Newton?

Wayne Newton, whose full name is Carson, Wayne Newton is an actor, singer, and entertainer. His songs in the 20th century are still the public’s favourites. He is also one of the best entertainers in Las Vegas.

What Is Wayne Newton Net Worth?

Wayne Newton’s net worth is now $50 million. As per records, his net worth took a growing stage. For instance, his net worth was $10 million in 2000, then $25 million in 2010, and $50 million in 2023.

Source Of Wayne Newton Net Worth

As an actor, singer, and entertainer, Newton earned a huge income. For instance, he gets $9 million a year. His salary per episode was $250,000. From Vegas, he used to earn $500,000 per episode. Then his earnings from each show were $100,000. Besides, he was under a debt of $5.7 million.

Wayne Newton Net Worth

Wayner possesses real estate assets too. For instance, he has a house on 39 acres in Nevada. He has another property of 40 acres, which he bought in 1966. He also has an 11,000-square-foot mansion that is worth $4 million. Newton installed a zoo with exotic animals. Again, he has a Fokker F-28 private jet. Then, in 2013, he bought a 10-acre property for $8 million.

Early Life

Wayne Newton’s birth name is Carson Wayne Newton. He was born on April 3, 1942, in Virginia. His father, Patrick Newton, was an auto mechanic, and his mother, Evelyn Marie Smith, was a housewife. Newton’s ancestry is German, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and English.

In his early years, Wayne used to practice guitar, piano, and steel guitar. This was the time when he was only six years old. Besides, he used to sing in radio shows and perform country music. He also performed in “Grand Ole Opry,” a travelling road show.

Newton and his elder brother Jerry sang in local clubs, fairs, and theatres together. In 1952, Wayne had severe asthma. That’s why he and his family had to move to Phoenix to see a doctor. After Newton became well, he and Jerry performed in “Lew King Rangers,” a local television show that was happening in Phoenix. The two brothers won that competition.

After seeing their talent, Tom Chauncey, the owner of KOOL-TV, offered Newton and Jerry their television show. Their show’s name was “Rascals in Rhythm.” As members of “Rascals in Rhythm,” the two brothers used to perform in road shows like “Grand Ole Opry.”

Anyway, Wayne completed his secondary studies at North High School. He also joined the “Reserve Officers’ Training Corps” to serve the United States Armed Forces.

As said earlier, Newton and his brother used to perform in television shows. A Las Vegas booking agent was impressed with their talent and called them for an audition. The agent struck a deal with the two brothers to perform in Flamingo for two weeks.

Newton was passionate about his singing career, so he left school at the age of 15.


In his teens, Newton used to perform in Flamingo with his brother. This agent offered him more work afterwards. So he and Jerry performed there for about five years.

In 1962, Wayne performed in “Danny Boy,” an Irish folk song. In the same year,  he and his brother appeared in “The Jackie Gleason Show.” After that, he worked on Gleason’s show for about two years. By doing so, he got national recognition. Then he worked on “Bonanza,” a classic western TV series.

In 1963, Newton signed for Capitol Records, where he made his first album, “Danke Schoen.” This song was in the Hot 100’s 13th position.

Many entertainers gave support to Newton. For instance, Benny, the prominent icon, hired him to perform at Harrah’s Reno. Wayne also worked for his show, “The Jack Benny Programme,” as an open actor. He gave his five years on this show.

In 1963, Newton again worked for Flamingo, and in 1965, he worked for “The Lucy Show.” Then, in the 1970s, he was mostly performing in Las Vegas. After toiling in this career, Newton became the most popular entertainer in Las Vegas. Some of his performances in the 1970s were “Sands Hotel and Casino,” “The Frontier,” and “Desert Inn.”

In 1972, Newton recorded the song “Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast.” This song was in fourth place in the USA and first place in Canada and Australia.

Wayne worked in the “Glen Campbell Live in London” which occurred in 1975. Then, from 1980 to 1975, he worked for “The Grass Roots” and “The Beach Boys.”

In 1989, Newton performed in his stage show “Wayne Newton Live in Concert.” Then in 1992, Wayne became a hit in Cashbox Pop because of his song “The Letter.”

During the 1990s, Newton used to perform in casinos. Again, in 1994, he worked on a solo show in Las Vegas. His last show was “Stardust,” which came in 2005.

During the 2000s, Newton gave his years to Las Vegas. In 2005, he was spotted on “The Entertainer,” a reality show. Then in 2007, he performed in “Dancing with the Stars” with Cheryl Burke. Newton was also a part of the show “Once Before I Go” in 2009.

Wayne Newton Net Worth

From 2010 to 2015, Newton gave his time to his family. Meanwhile, he was preparing for the later shows.

In 2016, Newton’s comeback was in the show “Up Close & Personal,” which took place at Bally’s Hotel. He performed around 30,000 shows on the Las Vegas strip. He even celebrated his 60th birthday in 2019 at Caesars Palace. There, everybody gave him the title of “Mr. Las Vegas.”

Wayne worked for Caesars Entertainment in 2020. And after COVID, he again stepped into his career in 2022.

Personal Life

Carson Wayne Newton tied the knot with Elaine Okamura in 1968. They got separated in 1985. Their daughter’s name is Erin, who was born in 1976. In 1994, Carson married Kathleen McCrone. She was a lawyer from Ohio. This couple shares one daughter, who was born in 2002.

Financial Problems

In 1980, Wayne was a co-owner of the Aladdin Hotel for two years. This partnership led to several lawsuits. Then, in 1992, he had under $20 million in debt. He was also the victim of the bankruptcy of the Internal Revenue Service.

In 2005, Newton owed around $1.8 million in tax. In the next year, he owed $60,000 to Oakland County International Airport. He also couldn’t pay fines for parking his plane, which was about $5000.

Awards And Nominations

Newton was awarded a gold disc for his song “Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast.” He also won the “Native American Music Awards.” In 1998, he was honoured with the title “Sir Wayne Newton.” Then, in 2008, he received the “Woodrow Wilson Award” for public service.

Frequently Asked Questions On Wayne Newton Net Worth

How old is Wayne Newton?

Wayne Newton was born in 1942. So in 2023, his age will be 81 years old.

What is Wayne Newton’s height?

Newton’s height is 6 feet and 1 inch.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is about being “Mr. Entertainment,” “Mr. Las Vegas,” or “The Midnight Idol,” Wayne Newton fits into all these positions. After working many decades in the television industry, Wayne Newton net worth has now reached $50 million.

Unfortunately, this celebrity had to go through a lot of financial turmoil. Yet, he managed to earn a good net worth after overcoming the issues. However, we are expecting a higher net worth for Wayne in the next year.


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