Chris Pratt and Katherine Enjoyed Hawaii Honeymoon, Pic-Proof hits the web

chris pratt and katherine

No matter how hard Chris and Katherine try to keep their life private , someone get a chance to look what they are upto. Recently, TMZ shared picture of  both enjoying their honeymoon in Hawaii. They were there two weeks ago and we had no proof of their honeymoon until now.

In these photos, couple was spotted at their resort’s pool on Lanai. As per our expectation, couple had a quality time and lot of romantic moments.  In the TMZ picture, Chris hold the Katherine in the water and she was looking into his eyes with love while smiling and wrapping her arm around him.

According to source, Chris and Katherine made the most from their Honeymoon. They kept company of each other and didn’t interact much with other guests.  When they were not having water games, they played cards and read stories to each other.

Some days ago, Chris shared a picture of his sunburned back on Instagram with a caption  “Suns out guns out I might have got a toouuuch crispy on the honeymoon #Aloe.” So, it means that he burned his back while enjoying sunshine with the love of his life.

Chris also celebrated his birthday with Katherine. If you are wondering what was her gift to him then you will be surprised to see ; Katherine presented him two pet pigs,who are named after country couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

Katherine shared a picture Collage and wrote , “Happy birthday to my darling angel face! So beyond blessed to laugh with you, love you, go on adventures with you, kiss you and live this magical life with you. You make life joy filled! I love you so much! Happy happy!”

Pratt shared picture of cute pigs on instagram and wrote “best birthday present ever.We named them Tim and Faith because they’re beautiful and their love is palpable and inspiring. I love them and can’t wait to watch them grow. And no they will not be bacon!”

After two weeks of Hawaiin honeymoon couple is back in Los Angeles. Last weekend couple had dinner with Katherine’s family at Cafe Vida in Pacific Palisades and they were holding hands on that occasion.

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