Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Capable of Parkouring

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot

Last fall after a backflip nailing Atlas Boston Dynamics’ humanoid Robot was up to learning a few parkour kind of tricks.

On youtube, the Robotic firm owned by Softbank posted an interesting short YouTube video spotting newest feat performed by Atlas. The 30-sec short video shows off Atlas hoping over an extensive log graciously scaling three 15-inch platforms with perfect comfort.

Stream the interesting video now and see how beautifully it is hopping around the long log.

With the help of controlling software, the entire body of the robot is controlled including its arms, legs, and torso. It is done so impeccably that the strength and energy are maintained while leaping over its moves and hopping over the log.

It has been notified on the video description that advances computer vision technology is used. In order to locate the robot with reference to observable markers while approaching the terrain in a precise way.

Boston Dynamics recognized Atlas as “the world’s most dynamic humanoid.” The wright of the robot is 165 pounds, height of 4 feet 9 inches. It possesses 28 joints and capable of carrying around 24 pounds of payload.

Other attributes include assembling with a stereo vision myriad. Also, some various sensors along with range sensing. It is able to walk on rough terrain. It can maintain its balance when pushed and also gets up when falls. It is further able to jump over 180-degrees and can land over variant height platforms along with a backflip.

Inevitably, Atlas’s athleticism is impressive. However, slightly unnerving.

What do you say? Let us know.

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