Do you want to win $300? For 30 Hours Hang Out in a Coffin at Six Flags

Six Flags America

Are you okay to spend your precious event in a cramped, tiny space? However, it may worth the challenge because completing the challenge is worth of $300.

If you can do this! Then Six Flags America has created this challenge surely for you.

The Fright Fest 30-Hour Coffin Challenge is an open challenge to anyone. It requires you to spend the whole day with added six hours inside a handcrafted coffee. Wherein, three-quarters of your body will be hidden by the coffins upper lid.

Other than $300 winners will also get a package for the Fright Fest Prize entailing two VIP passes for Haunted House, two gold season passes for Gold Season and two tickets for the ride of Freak Train for Freaks Unleashed. Also, you can keep the handcrafted coffin with you.

From a large number of applications, just six “lucky” people were selected. All selected participants belong to Midwest, ranging from Indiana to Illinois. However, just one person was from Missouri home.

The completion makes the part of “Fright Fest.”

Jeanie Smith also opted to take the challenge and also spending the whole 30 hours plus 6 hours without the chance of winning whatever thing.

Thereby, if you are brave enough and also that much tolerant then you should also be embracing the challenge. After all, the prices are worthy enough.

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Also, share your insights and views regarding the Six Flags hours challenge for spending 30 hours and more inside a coffin.


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