Beyoncé Accused of Fraud by Wedding Planner in Blue Ivy Battle

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s kids
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Wedding planner Veronica Morales accused Beyonce of Fraud in Blue Ivy Battle. Both are fighting over “Blue Ivy Trademarks” for years, and this fight is not going to over anytime soon.

The Blast got court documents which stat that Veronica Morales is accusing that Beyonce  “committed fraud in signing and submitting” to the United States Patent and Trademark Office “a sworn declaration that she had “a bona fide intention” to use the Blue Ivy Carter trademark in business.

The dispute between two ladies is over Blue Ivy Trademark name. The singer wants this trademark for her daughter’s name. But wedding planner claimed that she has been using the name for years. They enter into a trial for this case. 

In the latest document of this dispute, Morales argued why Bey shouldn’t be granted the trademark. She said that the singer didn’t turn over key reports or some evidence that can explain how she planned to use the trademark. 

She further argued that Bey didn’t answer any kind of interrogates, and even she “never produced any documents, tangible things, or other factual evidence in response to requests for production.”


Veronica also revealed that Jay-Z made it clear during an interview with Vanity fair that they had no intention of using this trademark to sell any product and they just want to prevent other using or profiting from their daughter’s name.


So, she made an argument in court that Bey has the same intention.

She writes, “When considered together, the admission to Vanity Fair and the refusal to respond to any discovery responses is sufficient evidence to conclude that the Applicant’s intent all along is exactly what Jay Z said: to use trademark applications to prevent others from using name of their daughter. This is a fraud on the USPTO.”

This fight began in 2017 when Beyoncé filed to lock right of Blue Ivy Cartner name trademark so that she could have exclusive rights of her baby name. Veronica Morales filed to opposed the singer’s application by making an argument that pop star is not allowed to trademark this name. 

The name of Morales’s company is Blue Ivy, which had been working for around three years even before the birth of Beyoncé’s daughter. 

For over two-years, Beyoncé and Veronica are fighting for the trademark name. Bey also accused Morales of an offer to sell Blue Ivy Company for $10 million to pop star. These allegations are denied by Morales later.

Let’s see how Bey responds to new allegations of Veronica.


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