Rihanna admits, “I love competing with men”

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Rihanna is known as BadGalRiri, not only because of her music but also due to her daring nature. She is fast and furious kind of girl who knows how to be a successful entrepreneur like other men of society. Recently, she admits that she loves competing with men.

The Work singer explained to girls like her how they can launch their own companies as she did for herself at this 12 month’s International Convention on Girls & Entrepreneurship.

BadGalRiri is a famous singer, but this is not the only thing that defines her personality. We all know her very-well due to her Fenty brand, where we can find exclusive makeup products. She recently launched Fenty X-lingeries.

What people like about Riri’s makeup brand is that one can find a lot of shades variety. And when it comes to her clothing brand, she doesn’t only target standard size girls as other brands do. But Fenty is quite popular because it brings a beautiful outfit for plus size women, as well.

According to the Wall Road Journal report, Savage x Fenty received a $70million funding after a very lucrative first 12 months of gross sales. So, we can say that she is ready to face the world, especially men who think that no one can play the business game better than them.

Riri talked at that event,

‘I love competing with men. I love that challenge, I enjoy it, and I thrive on it.’

The singer is explaining that in this traditional male dominant society, girls should take their chances. They can grow like a man; all they need to do is to work hard.

 ‘I believe that females have a lot of disadvantages when it comes to starting a career… because a lot of times people see it as a man’s world and loads of occasions it’s dependent upon a person to even allow you to into that,’ the singer mentioned

‘However, our power as girls, we can beat something.’

‘We have been doing this since the beginning of time to multitask and to overcome challenges.’

Although she is quite successful, she always stays humble. Singer added: ‘I came from a small little island out of nowhere. No music industry, no fashion industry, no makeup industry, and I did it… here I am, and here you are being apart of the things that I love to do.’

So, if you have a plan to launch a new business, then you shouldn’t hesitate since Riri offered enough motivation. Don’t you think?



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