Avoid these fashion mistakes in order to have a sophisticated appearance

fashion mistakes in order to have a sophisticated appearance

When it comes to fashion the trends are always changing and sometimes it can be hard to maintain. There are all spectrums of fashion and styles that people follow, but it is always important to look sophisticated for many reasons. A sophisticated appearance can give a good impression for job interviews, for upscale events and even for dates

Many fashion designers such as Anna Wintour, Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs are always daring with their designs, which have always inspired high street stores to create similar looks. Fashion can be minimal, or daring, it can be plain or bold and it can have a dark or light theme. However, there is still a lot that needs to be put into thought when it comes to planning your outfit and for which events are suitable.

Entrepreneur of company Digital Future Elisha Elbaz is known for his sophisticated appearance looks that he showcases daily with photos on Instagram. He has over 90,000 followers that admire his looks and tips on fashion. He wishes to share some tips about which fashion mistakes to avoid for a sophisticated appearance. 

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Disregard other opinions

Elisha advises that, “the first and most important thing in my opinion, is to disregard what other people think. For me, clothes are meant to make you feel good. If you like what you wear, however ‘weird’ or unpopular it is – go for it! Fashion is personal and it’s subjective.” 

Since everyone has a different taste in fashion, it is only common for someone not to like another style. This means that when planning an outfit, it is best not to overthink on what people will think, but only wear it with confidence so that you stand out.

The right fit

Elisha explains that “Get the right fit for you. You can look good if you get it right out of the box, but if you make small adjustments by a professional – you can really look great.” There are designers and tailors that can adjust the fitting for you. This means that if you find a piece of clothing that is a perfect fit but just a little loose in one area, you can easily have it adjusted.

Colour coordination

Elisha suggests that “There are some colors that work together. Use the color wheel for an easy fix. Some good examples: orange  and teal, blue and gold and red and green.” Colour coordination can be either subtle or bold, it is down to whether you choose to go for pastel colours, minimal colours or vibrant colours for your outfit.


Elisha states that “To have a sophisticated look, avoid matching items that are too obvious. A popular mistake is matching your shoes to your shirt. It’s just too noticeable. Instead, match your shoes to your watch, or your belt -or both! Another nice thing is adding layers. You can improve your appearance so much more by throwing a jacket.” When it comes to fashion, it’s not just the clothing pieces that you have to consider, but also the accessories too. By just adding a necklace to your outfit can really bring an outfit together, or a belt can give shape to your dress and a silhouette. 

The trends

Elisha advises that “ Avoid investing too much into trends. They tend to pass and you are left with items you don’t want to wear anymore because they are old. I always recommend to start building your appearance by investing in classic items, in classic colors. You can then have a great amount of combinations that makes you look classy and also allow you to diversify your appearance, using just with a few items. Once you build your classic appearance, you can start investing in more exotic items.” 

In regards to fashion designers that Elisha looks up to, he admires Louis Vitton. He claims that, “I love Louis Vouitton because of two main factors: The built quality is good, and they offer a great amount of timeless pieces. I know that I can invest in good quality items that will not only last for years, but I would also wear them as they will never go out of style.”


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