Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Janet Van der Wiel

Janet Van der Wiel
Janet van der Wiel is a reporter for US Updates.  After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Janet got an internship at a local radio station and worked as a beat reporter and producer.  Janet has also worked as a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News. Janet covers economy and community events for US Updates.
DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled Has Set A New Sense To Secure The Bag Alert

It seems as DJ Khaled is also as excited as all of us would for winning the huge amount of 1.6 billion dollars. It...
megyn kelly blackface news

Megyn Kelly’s Defense of Blackface Wasn’t a Mistake, It Was Her Entire Point

Megyn Kelly once in a while showed her perspective in a Christmas talk about Santa Claus. She said no matter what the circumstance, Santa...
tracy champan nicki minaj

Over an Unreleased Song Tracy Chapman Is Suing Nicki Minaj

Just provide one reason to Tracy Chapman and she will definitely sue you. As per a fresh report, over the song that is even...
trick or treat usa

What Time Does Trick-or-Treating Start?

This October! Time for celebration and funny tricks consider as the best moments for treating with friends. Time for trick or treating is different...
this day in history tdh

This Day in History

Its Monday, Oct 22, today that is the 295th day of 2018. Means the year has just 70 more days to go. Find out...

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