All Jennifer Lawrence New Upcoming Movies List and Many More!

Upcoming Movies of the most expensive actress Jennifer Lawrence for the year 2019, 2020. And the movie calendar of her previous movies.

Jennifer Lawrence upcoming movies
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Jennifer Lawrence is a beautiful and young American actress. She was born on 15th August 1990 in Indian Hills, Kentucky, U.S. Jennifer Lawrence age is 28 years.

She is a highly paid actress of 2015-16. Because her box office movie grasps a budget of $5.7 Billion from all over the world.

Her name appears in Forbes Celebrity 100 List (Celebrity 100 is a list of highly paid 100 celebrities published by the Forbes Magazines) in 2014 and 2016.

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She performs different roles in her school and church shows from an early age. She moves towards New York at the age of 14 years. In New York a very capable scout finds her. And improve her acting capabilities.

Then after that, she enters in the city of Los Angles and starts performing in various TV serials. Therefore, she casts in a serial “The Bill Engvall Show” in 2007–2009. She has a supporting role in “Garden Party” in 2008.

Lawrence breakthrough TV serial is “Winters Bone” in 2010. After performing in this serial she is widely known as an actress. And she performs well in her movie X-Man: First Class in 2011.

Then she performs in her several movies like “The Hunger Game” that make her a very expensive and highly paid actress.

Lawrence besides these having a lot of films in her professional career. She performs many roles like action, villain, thrill and humorous as well. You can also find Lawrence with great skills of acting in her upcoming movies. Jennifer Lawrence new movies are coming in the years ahead.

Here you will have a complete list of Jennifer Lawrence upcoming movies 2019 and so on. Have a look at the table below:

Table of Contents

Dark Phoenix

This film is a Jennifer Lawrence next movie 2019. It is a movie of Marvel Comics related to a superhero. This movie is of the 12th part of the serial and sequel movie of X-Man. It has a lot of action, thrill, and adventure. The initial photography of the movie starts on 27th June 2017.

Now, you will see releasing this movie in the current movie. The estimated budget of the movie is $200 million.

In December 2017, the producer and director will postpone the film shooting for almost a year. Now after a year, the film is going to start again and you can see it on a big screen this year.

Director: Simon Kinberg

Star Cast: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Evan Peters, Jessica Chastain

Release Date: 7th June 2019

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Bad Blood

“Bad Blood” is an American new movie and Jennifer Lawrence selects as a star in this new movie. The movie is about to the book “Carreyrou” of Legendary Studios. The book has been published by The Wall Street Journal’s John Carreyrou. It clarifies the conditions behindhand the Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes release of what she claimed to be an innovative blood testing good that did not work well.

Director: Adam McKay

Star Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Abi Beaux

Release Date: 2020

Burial Rites

Jennifer Lawrence is set to be a star and a producer in the drama “Burial Rites”. It is a serial of thrill, action, and fight.

Jennifer Lawrence is playing a leading character in this thriller drama. The Oscar-winning Jennifer Lawrence new movie is about the 2013 novel of Hannah Kent.

This is like a student film. Not the movie that is going to be out with Jennifer Lawrence.

Director: Luca Guadagnino

Star Cast: Jennifer Lawrence

Release Date: Not Announced


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