The Walking Season Dead Season 9 Episode 12 Release Date

Have a look to know about the Walking Dead Season 9 release date and preview!

The Walking Season Dead Season 9

The Walking Dead is a phenomenal TV show and never fails to entertain. Take it from someone who watches a lot of TVs. Game of Thrones, Empire, and the list is endless. But in that endless catalog, the walking dead stood out to be one of the best.

So, before talking about the upcoming episode have look on previous episodes and seasons.

Walking Dead Season 2” is just amazing! It gave time for more character development and made the viewers more attached to the characters. There is less action though but closer to the end was where everything was mind-blowing!

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The prison made the characters, as well as the audience, feel safer. It was a good start! The way they handled Lori’s death was depressing and the way it changed Carol and Rick was interesting.

The further seasons started out with a bang, action-packed and a pure masterpiece! The church, terminus, were amazing! Both episodes, however, seemed unnecessary and long.

Lastly, the season started off with slowly to absolute perfection. They shed light on the threat of the walkers which helped emit fear and suspense. The wolves’ gang episode was another amazing opportunity to see carols skills and intelligence in play.

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Walking Dead Season 8” has bumpy first episode. The season was actually pretty good after episode eight, they maintained the balance between dialogue, action, and drama.

“The Walking Dead Season 9” started out with a bang, action-packed and a pure masterpiece. The church, terminus, were amazing.

It’s so much better than previous seasons! You would not get into it because it just started. You can see the full episodes after the release of “The Walking Dead Season 9” coming out in 3rd March 2019.


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