American Horror Story Season 9: Release Daye and More Updates!

Let you know more about the most awaiting American Horror Story Season 9!

American Horror Story Season 9

Horror movie lovers are waiting for the upcoming season 9 of American Horror Story. As it is heard that the American Horror Story Season 9 will air soon. And this news increases the fan’s thirst for the movie. Because the story will expect to premiere its upcoming season in September 2019.

However, there is no final confirmation about the episodes of the 9th season. But as always, fans are expecting almost ten episodes in this new season.

American Horror Story is easily the best series so far. It feels like a strong culmination of other story arcs while also being incredibly self-aware. The show does have horror elements but plays out like a dark comedy–brutal, and often drama-filled dark comedy.

From telling an inversion of the hero’s journey towards the church of Satan in a parody of certain denominations. The show felt like it knew how on the nose it is being and had an irreverent. But fun, time of knocking everyone down a peg.

For diehard fans, it tied together many looser pieces throughout the more modern of the American Horror Story universe including segments from Murder House, Coven, and Hotel at the very least off the top of my head.

It will enjoyable and I highly recommend it. For a ten episodes season and the ninth in a series, this will pack full of both new experiences and nostalgic/cathartic moments for AHS Season 9.


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