Selena Gomez Shared Cute “Winnie” picture on Instagram

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Selena has decided to show her real life on Instagram, and she took the first step toward this decision by showing off her cute “Winnie” picture on her account.

She shared the final last day of summer picture where she and her dogs are trying to relax on separate couches. The caption of that photo is: “Wednesdays, a huge bright blue comfy and Winnie. ☀️.”

It is certainly not the first time, we met with Winnie. We know her dog quite well, her friend-Anna Collins share a picture of her dog Freddy with Winnie on the Instagram. The caption of that photo was “Your local dog moms.”However, we can say that Winnie appeared first time on Gomez’s account.  

The 27-year-old singer made it clear that now she will show her real self rather than a famous person on Instagram.

“I think there came a point in my life where I just started not to care [about my image]….Obviously, my situation is different and very weird, but when I was younger, I was exposed to all of this [fame],” she shared all this during her interview with Coach this spring.


 “It was just all these pictures and all the things and all I would do is look at the flaws.” That kind of attention, “it is hard. And I think that you create this other persona of yourself and then when I started going through real, really difficult things, it [not caring and ultimately being authentic] just allowed me to have worth, to know that I’m worthy and that I am who I am. And who is that? And do I like that person? I think that it’s important for me. I don’t want to be anything that’s a show or a persona. I just don’t.”

Selena is a victim of social media’s toxic commenters. She started questioning her own self and image due to these trolls. Those bad comments and haters disturbed her very much that she deleted Instagram application from her mobile phone.

Now she is back after months of break. Her fresh restart on Instagram is perfect, and it will help us meet real person Selena is.


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