Zayn Malik and Zhavia are Working Together on “A Whole New world” Aladdin Soundtrack

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We already have seen Zhavia and Zayn Malik appearance on Red carpet of Aladdin. Now Zhavia revealed new info that Zayn Malik manager contacted him with a proposal of working on “A Whole New World” with Zayn Malik. Let’s get more details of this project.

Aladdin red carpet event remained in headlines even after a week. The first surprising factor of this event was the appearance of Zayn Malik, who decided to show up in the limelight almost after a year.

The soundtrack of Aladdin was played after credits, and it was very calming and fantastically done.

Zayn Malik and Zhavia are going to make a dream team for the Aladdin project. Zhavia was the first who admit about this matter that when she was contacted about this dream team of Aladdin, it was hard for her to believe in this.

She said “My manager got an email from Zayn’s manager saying he wanted me to be part of it. At first, I didn’t think it was real.When I found out it was legit, I was so stoked! He’s an amazing artist and it was a huge opportunity.”

Zhavia- 18-year-old singer released her solo track “17” today, and it is a kind of must-listen single for those who want to know more about the singer.

This song is based on her life experience. When you listen to this song with great attention, you realize that it has profound meanings. It seems that Zhavia is explaining her life in the form of this song.

She explained, “That song is about my life and how I got to where I am now. It’s very personal. “It’s just a bunch of experiences I’ve had,” she says, before explaining that penning relatable tracks is essential to her. “I feel like as a writer one of the struggles is that you don’t want to make it too personal to where it could hurt you, but you also want people to understand and relate to it.”

Aladdin is an upcoming action-adventure film. Zayn Malik and Zhavia are working on the soundtrack of this Disney film. It is one of the most anticipated movies. People are following Aladdin and its related character since their childhood. Therefore, they have certain expectations for it.

As far as the soundtrack of the film is concerned, Zhavia-Zayn team is going to do its magic for sure.what do you think?


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