Will the Long-Running Police Crime Drama “Blue Bloods” Reach its Conclusion in Season 10?

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After Tom Selleck’s 1 Year Deal with the Makers of Blue Bloods, Fans are Snooping Whether the Star Tom Selleck will Leave the Series after Season 10, or the Series is Going to Reach its End?

Viewers have always praised the American Police Crime Drama “Blue Bloods” praised its beginning. It revolves around the lives of Police Officers of Reagan Family.

However, Commissioner Francis “Frank” Xavier Reagan is the leading character of the Series. The renowned American star Tom Selleck is portraying the character of Frank Xavier. (getzonedup.com)

As per the news, Tom Selleck renewed his contract with the makers but he signed only one year deal with CBS for Blue Bloods Season 10. But the viewers are pondering why the leading character of the series has signed just one year deal? Will Tom leave the series after Season 10 or it is hinting towards the conclusion of America’s long-running series, Blue Bloods?

Well, so many questions are arising and numerous rumors regarding the series are spreading. Although, the makers or even Tom have not commented yet over any of these.

Hence, Season 10 will resolve this mystery. All the pondering questions regarding the exit of Tom and show’s finale will be answered as the viewers will watch season 10.

Blue Bloods Season 10  set to release on September 27, 2019.

It will premiere on CBS at 10/9c. 

Stay tuned to have more updates!


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