Why should you use iqos usa?

use iqos usa

IQOS is a device without smoke, fire and ashes.

This is a cigarette that you can smoke, without lightning. How is it possible? Everything is simple!

Conventional cigarettes are rolled tobacco sheets that need to be alleged to inhale nicotine contained in smoke. The IQOS device heats the tobacco, thereby highlighting the aqueous pairs with nicotine content.

No ashes, a little smoke! These cigarettes are able to solve the problems of avid smokers.

Why should you use iqos usa?-

How to use IQOS?

So, you bought an IQOS device. It remains to sort out the instructions. Do not worry, using IQOS is easy!

Follow 4 simple steps:

  • Remove the holder from the IQOS device and paste the stick.
  • Press the power button on the holder and hold it until the lamp will flash green.
  • Smoke! You have 14 tightening or 6 minutes, at the end of which the device is turned off. It is necessary to get used to it.
  • When the session is over, pull the cap up and then remove sticks from the holder. Insert the holder into the charger.

That’s all – nothing complicated.

Recent studies have shown that the number of IQOS consumers in Japan exceeded a million people. The device was available in 2015 and instantly won the hearts of smokers. They all abandoned ordinary cigarettes in favor of IQOS. This is a real tobacco revolution! Even smartphones came to replace clamshell phones at a lesser speed. IQOS is a hit.

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Four main advantages of IQOS:

  • Without burning. You will not negate, and do not arrange a fire.
  • Less smells smoke.
  • Eco-friendly. There is less content of harmful substances for ecology.
  • 2 flavors of cigarette sticks.

Due to the unique technology, the tobacco in IQOS cigarettes is heated, and does not burn. Less garbage means less risk of fire.

Smoking IQOS cigarettes are water vapor. It is instantly scattered in the air and does not absorb into clothing. Your colleagues will no longer interfere with you smoking in the workplace. No smoke – no disgruntled. 

Purchase and try at https://heated.pro/en/

What affects the choice of cigarettes? Of course, their taste. Each smoker prefers a certain brand and type of cigarettes, choosing them in their own preference.

4 flavours of Sticks Heets

The tobacco company Philip Morris offers the following HEETS style tastes:

  • Amber Label has a rich taste, strong aftertaste. 
  • Yellow Label is a classic cigarette taste. In the first approximation, the Parliament Blue sticks, which are rarely produced.
  • Purple Label is a pleasant berry taste, a little refreshing. Not apparent and soft.
  • Turquoise Label is a strong menthol fragrance.



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