Why Fans are Disappointed on Upcoming Season One-Punch Man Season 2 Trailer

One-Punch Man Season 2

One Punch Man is an animated manga series of strongest hero, who can defeat in just one punch. One Punch Man Season 2 is on its way that will release in 2019.

One-Punch Man Season 2 Plot
One Punch Man follows a story of the hero, Saitama. He is a normal person but after training, became a most muscular superhero on earth.

Why Are Fans disappointed after releasing the trailer of One Punch Man season 2?

In December 2018, One Punch Man Season 2 trailer released. After seeing the trailer, fans look disappointed. The Characters are showing stiff movements like we see Saitama jumps from an edge of a building, but it seems more like floating. One Punch man season 1 hit in 2015 and fans were waiting for a long time.

One of most disappointing comment from fans is “Please postpone the season 2 and give the time to the team for delivering better quality”. Both English and Japanese trailer got dislike comments.

Saitama appears as powerful creatures. While, he can destroy anything with a single punch, he also suffers from depression. Therefore his battle is against boredom.

Reason Behind Disappointing Response of Fans

One Punch Season 2 appears strange because The director of season 1 Shingo Natsume has left the show. J.C production and Chikara Sakurai created One Punch Man Season 2; therefore, style is different from season 1.

Meanwhile, J.C staff are best known for Food Wars and Toradora.

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