Grey is a prominent color when settling for living room decorations. Whatever form and shade of the color, grey can match so many other colors when applied. Whatever your decoration idea is for your home or office space, the color grey will often provide that calm balance and intense beauty.

One may ask, ‘Why Grey?’. For starters, grey is a classic color and can be adopted into any fitting. Grey provides the perfect contrast, especially when used as a backdrop for other beautification items like wall arts and furnishings. The right shade of grey, when applied to a wall or even a wall art, illuminates your living room—and not in the bullish way white does, but in a more subtle, gentle, and welcoming tone. 

The Versatile Nature of the Color

Grey makes your living room exciting when fitted alongside beautiful decorations. The color is elegant, and it transforms a space. You surely cannot go wrong with grey—even if you are an interior décor newbie. 

Grey improves the scenery of your living room without overshadowing other colors present in the room. Grey centered living rooms are almost always exciting—with the beautiful lightings, the balance of dark hued colors and the vibrant lush of brighter colors. The beauty is often unspeakable that when you have the chance to visit a properly decorated grey-themed home, you can hardly resist the urge not to replicate the same to your living room.

Grey also is a neutral that color that provides many design variations in the living room. You can go for a dark hue and contrast with bright colors or go for a lighter hue and contrast with both light and dark colors. You should know that the right application of grey is of upmost importance to getting the right blend of suitable decoration for your living room. 

Grey Relaxes

Grey soothes and creates a relaxed feeling. Heaven is probably white filled, but grey, grey is peaceful. It is therapeutic. The color appeals to most people because of the assured serenity. You want something dark? You can go for a dark shade of grey. How about something a bit bright? Grey still works. The color has an enduring appeal. From the walls, curtains, artworks, rugs, sofa, and the rest of the ensemble, grey connects every single element together.  

Grey is light, heaven, peace, love, and perfection; yet in some ways, the color is imperfect. It’s neither white nor black, but a beautiful balance that admonishes white to let other colors shine and tells black let some light in. 

The Color Can Work as a Standalone Monogram

The color Grey can distinctively stand on its own even when a monogram of it is used in decorating the entire living room. With other colors, you may end up with an abnormally bright or a poorly illuminated scene.  But grey is a standalone. It works well with other colors but can still fit the perfect home décor when used as both the primary and secondary color. 

And of Course, Grey Wall Arts

Grey art walls are just as amazing as painting your walls grey. With grey walls, you can go for a white, teal, yellow, or even beige wall color and expertly lay ElephantStock grey wall arts on the walls. The combination is almost-always perfect, and can stand as an art piece (a large, spacious, and beautiful piece). When choosing grey-themed wall papers, Elephant Stock offers many amazing options and different sub-themes. 


Grey is life and beyond. Familiarity with the process of interior decoration and design reveals just how important grey is. What’s better? With grey, you do not need in-depth interior design skills because the color makes the process easier. Let’s go with grey.


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