When Hanna is coming on Amazon Prime: Who is in the cast of Hanna TV series?

Who is in the cast of Hanna TV series?

An announcement made on 23 May 2017 that Amazon will give production of David Furr, who is co-writer of Hanna.

Amazon will bring a fantastic thriller drama, Hanna, as you know that Hanna is a TV adaptation of the film which released in 2011.

Plot of Hanna

An extraordinary girl, Hanna is playing a role as a mystery. She lives and grown up in the forest of Eastern Europe.  Her father raises her and teaches the perfect skills of an assassin.

Furthermore, she sends on a mission, and she works silently and makes her way across Europe. A brutal CIA agent named Marissa tries to chase her, but she tries to hide the truth behind who is she. However, Marissa has worked with Hann’s father.

A CIA agent killed Hann’s mother. That’s why her father trains her daughter for self-defense. Moreover, He instructs her to hide her identity. Hanna befits an expert in shooting. Now, Hanna is ready for her mission and go to kill her mother’s assassin.

When will Hanna available on Amazon Prime

A prediction came about Hanna is that it will make available on Amazon Prime on 29 March 2019. It will be full season series that contain eight episodes.

On 3 February 2019, The first episode of Hanna was available on Amazon video for a limited time 24 hours.  It was a mystery and a teaser trailer released during Super Bowl LII ( A football game) as a commercial.

Cast Stars

Hanna (Esme Creed-Miles)

Marissa Wiegler ( Mireille Enos)

Erik Heller ( Joel Kinnaman)

Johanna ( Joanna Kulig)

Writer: David Farr

Director: Sarah Adina Smith



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