What To Do If You Hit An Animal While Driving in LA?


Determining who is accountable for hitting an animal involves several complicated issues. The kind of animal involved is the most important consideration. Animals categorized as wild, domestic, and livestock are the three main kinds of animals. Most of the time, injuring a wild animal is not considered unlawful. Deer, elk, and many smaller animals are considered wild animals. Contact a La County Car Accident Attorney if you hit an animal with your vehicle.

What to do if you hit an animal?

In most states, laws regulate who is liable if they hit livestock. The owner of the livestock is not responsible in free-range states. The livestock owner is accountable when they were irresponsible in allowing them to roam free in states where the fence is required. Cows, horses, sheep, and goats are examples of livestock.

Because most states have a leash regulation mandating the pet owner to prevent the animal from being loose, the animal’s owner is usually responsible if you strike a domesticated animal. Pets include cats and dogs.

What happens if you hit a deer?

A deer is a wild creature. They move quickly and unexpectedly. They can be hard to avoid as they can swiftly jump onto the road. For this reason, car insurance companies do not see striking a deer with a car as the driver’s liability. Instead, crashing into a deer is seen as an unavoidable occurrence.

Most insurance companies are unlikely to raise your premiums if you hit a deer because doing so is usually unavoidable. However, certain insurance companies could, so it is essential to ask yours what they plan to do.

Most insurance providers do not require you to call the police after hitting a deer, but a car accident lawyer will tell you that doing so can speed up the approval of your claim. The paperwork will prevent the insurance company from claiming afterward that the occurrence did not occur.

Hitting a deer while on the course has consequences. They are sufficiently big animals to cause significant damage to your automobile if you hit them. Therefore, the most vital question following an accident with a deer is, “Who will pay for the damage?” It depends upon whether you obtained comprehensive coverage is the simple answer.

Who will pay for the damage?

For example, when you hit a deer, your comprehensive insurance will pay for any subsequent car damage. Hence, if your car has comprehensive insurance, the insurance company will cover repairing it. But you will still be accountable for paying whatever deductible you have. You will be liable for paying for the damage to the car if you do not have comprehensive insurance coverage.



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