What Should Be Included in a One-Page Research Proposal?

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You would think, what problems can arise in making an ideal proposal, especially if the most favorable conditions have been created for it? In fact, everything is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. 

You have a major task – creating a proposal that will include everything you need for the potential client to choose you. To do this, you need to define specific project details, address pain points, provide a path and adequate project timelines.

Is It Possible to Achieve a Good Result with a One-Page Document?

A one-page proposal is different from others because of its short content. This is the only difference between it and other offers. 

Its main task is to contain all the necessary information. The main tasks of a one-page agreement are as follows:

  • paying attention to the problems of potential customers;
  • offer a solution to all these problems;
  • contain information about prices and deadlines;
  • contain important contacts.

This is something that is necessary for any proposal, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a one-page proposal or not. The length does not matter at all. You can fit everything a potential customer wants to see on one page.

The PandaDoc company has proved this theory for a long time and some research helped them in this. It should be noted that a simple proposal proposal contains about five pages, and it is not a fact that a potential client can get to the last page. That is why the one-line proposal has not lost its relevance to this day. They occupy a stable position in many trade and financial transactions. 

What Questions Should a One-Page Proposal Answer?

There are a number of questions that one-page proposals should answer. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve a positive effect. What questions should be kept in mind?

  1. Who are you? The potential customer should clearly understand who he is dealing with. This is especially important for companies that have competitors in their industry. When a potential client is ready to act, he must find the points of contact and the ideal ways for him to connect with the company. At this point, it is important to provide as accurate information as possible. 
  2. Scope of the project. It is important to provide as detailed a description of your project as possible, new ideas, a marketing plan, etc. At the same time, the relevant information should be presented clearly and concisely. Errors and misinterpretations must be avoided. The potential client may misunderstand you, which can lead to serious problems later on. Do not cheat in any way. A one-page proposal should have only truthful information. It is also important to decide on the activities that need to be done and the resources you may need to complete the project. 
  3. What are you offering? The client should clearly understand what he can get from cooperation with you. This builds his trust and confidence in you. 
  4. And why do you? The client should clearly understand that it is better to cooperate with you. To do this, it is necessary to provide him with an ideal balance of the cost of a particular solution and potential benefits. Writing a document, you should tell potential customers why the plan you offer is exactly what they need. 
  5. Timing. Every businessman knows how important time is for maximum effect. That’s why you should provide potential clients with a clear timeline. Offer them a timeline and set a deadline for a particular project. If we are talking about an open offer, then all of the details can have an estimating nature. In this case, the current solution may not have an exact deadline, but it may have a specific completion date. 
  6. Project delivery. It can be concrete or abstract, physical or virtual. It doesn’t really matter. All that is important is that you must provide a final destination. A necessary component of your one-line proposal is a course of action. And you must not forget about it. 

If a simple agreement template answers all these questions, then you will definitely get the expected result. 

Why Should You Choose a One-Page Proposal?

With a good one-page proposal, you can eliminate all unnecessary details and pay attention to the important points. So, why should you choose a one-page agreement template?

If you put yourself in the place of a potential client, you should remember that he will hardly want to read a thesis of several dozen pages. It is better to take one page and read all the necessary information, isn’t it?

In practice, few people get to the end of reading a large document. Naturally, against this background, the potential client may miss many important points. No one reads the proposal verbatim. As a rule, people simply browse through the content and try to get the best possible understanding of whether the offer fits their needs. With one-page offers, you can avoid the clutter, and customers, in turn, get straight to the point. It’s a kind of guarantee that all the information is centered. There is also a belief that a simple proposal template can significantly reduce the time to make an important decision, because one-page proposals bring clarity and specificity, which is very beneficial for both the company and the potential client. There are all chances that the deal will be a success, and you, as a manager, once again demonstrate your knowledge, experience and professionalism without unnecessary, and most importantly – irrelevant information. Correctly carried out the proposal is a victory for both sides. 

Now we can conclude – the effectiveness of the work is to tell the potential client as much as possible, while using as few words as you can.


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